Sunset On The Ocean Of Last Year

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Life is full of beginnings and endings. The whole world just experienced a huge beginning and ending together – 2013 ended and heralded in the new year of 2014. This event holds a gamut of emotions ranging from sad regret for opportunities missed and mistakes made to elated joy at the prospect of a clean slate with a future full of hope.

I am thankful that 2013 is over even though I enjoyed many successes and great experiences. All in all it was a very rough year, HOWEVER I survived. That’s saying A LOT!

Anyway, there is no better time to visit the beach than at the beginning of the year. “Relax and start anew” seems to be the motto of the waves as they crash on the shore. So while you’re still thinking about the sounds heard when you’re walking on the edge of the ocean, keep reading below…

sunset on the ocean pale blue piece of sky

Beach Sand
by Raymond A. Foss

Maybe it is the memories
the change of pace that brings us there
the sense of vacation
maybe the smell of the place
the sights of the gulls, the dunes, the grasses

sunset on the ocean cloudy

but oh it is the feel of it,
the crunch and slide of it
the feeling of beach sand
so different from dirt, soil, loam
no, not earthy, moist, rich,
but oh so granular and gritty
even when wet,

sunset on the ocean puffy white clouds

moveable paper spreading under toes
sliding beneath the soles
smoothing my skin

sunset on the ocean crashing waves on beach

clearing my mind
unburdening me of the rest
drawing me to the tactile, the feel
of beach sand

orange sunset on the ocean with blue sky

Isn’t that a beautiful poem?

The poem explores many aspects of life and really resonated with me today.

The vibrant colors of the sunset on the deserted beach is just what this country girl has needed! As I’ve watched the sun drop into the ocean the past couple of days, I noticed how dramatically it affects me. Just as the poem stated…

“clearing my mind
unburdening me of the rest”

The ocean waves roll onto the beach, grabs my stress, and then the waves gently carry my burdens away. Even if only temporarily released from the pain, the break and subsequent happiness revives my soul.

Goodbye 2013 and hello 2014!

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1 Lisa January 2, 2014 at 6:42 am

Sherry, how I wish I could have taken a ride to the beach yesterday, I spent most of the day painting and cleaning closets to start fresh. Love your gorgeous photos of the beach too. Here’s to a wonderful new year with only things to happen!


2 Sherry Riter January 3, 2014 at 6:29 am

I think going to the beach ANYTIME is a wonderful idea! I’m glad you got a bunch of cleaning done. That’s a great way to start the new year! {{{{hugssss}}}


3 teresa vett January 2, 2014 at 11:54 pm



4 Sherry Riter January 3, 2014 at 6:28 am

Thank you 🙂


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