Sternum Puppy And The Bone

by Sherry Riter in Humor

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Sometimes I tell stories about my co-workers antics or great advice given to me by my peers. Today I’m going to share one of those stories.

Sharon’s office is diagonal from mine, so when she laughs or talks loudly, I can hear her. The other day she was in the hallway talking to Mary in the office next to me. I heard her say, “He ate it!”

I knew she must be talking about her new little puppy. Sharon dotes on that little puppy like I do Bella. There is a big difference, however, between Sharon and I as puppy owners.

Sharon is like a first time new mom. I’m sure you know the type…She is thrilled with every new thing the puppy does and panics about everything else.

“Sharon, what did he eat?” I asked her.

Sharon stood in my doorway and explained that she gave the puppy a one inch bone to chew on, but instead of chewing it, he gulped it down. Sharon rubbed his upper tummy and could feel the bone, so she tried to massage it down. Much to Sharon’s dismay, no matter how much she rubbed, the bone wouldn’t move.

We talked for a minute about all the possibilities of how the bone might be stuck, but since we aren’t animal doctors, it was all speculation. That afternoon Sharon had an appointment to take the puppy to the veterinarian.

The next day I asked Sharon what happened with the puppy and the bone.

“The bone was almost all the way through his intestines. The ‘bone’ I was rubbing was his sternum,” Sharon said laughing.

Needless to say, I have laughed and laughed.

Sharon was rubbing the sternum of the puppy and trying to move it while thinking it was a bone he had swallowed. I asked her, “What was the puppy doing the whole time you were rubbing?” I was thinking that he must have been uncomfortable and wiggly.

“He just stretched out and let me rub,” Sharon said laughing.

I not only think that Sharon found the right puppy who wouldn’t be bothered by her “new mother panics,” but the puppy found someone who would dote on him. I think sternum puppy and Sharon are going to be very happy together while providing the rest of us a few good laughs.

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1 Sharon Mayo August 24, 2013 at 12:47 pm

To the Redhead Riter and all of her wonderful fans. The story is exactly as The RHR wrote. In addition, as Sternum Puppy’s Mom, I humbly submit to all laughter regarding the incident. It was one of the many funny things I have done in my life as an anxious Mom and dog owner. Just to let you know, my little dog’s name is Shakespeare (aka Bub-Wub, Bubby, Puppy). He is nine months old, weighs in at four pounds, and has been an added joy to my life. I love that little guy so much!

P. S. No more bones for puppy! lol


2 Sherry Riter August 25, 2013 at 9:41 pm

You left off the name you use most for the puppy! You usually call him, “My Little Man.” 😉

Thanks for sending the pics to me! 😀


3 Joan August 26, 2013 at 2:59 pm

Was it a real bone or a fake doggie bone? Our vet warned us never to give our dogs real bones because they could split while the dogs were chewing on them and be very dangerous if they swallowed them. He told her only to give our dogs fake doggie bones to chew on.


4 Sherry Riter August 26, 2013 at 9:46 pm

It was a real bone!


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