Acts Of Kindness In The Depths Of Despair

by Sherry Riter in Friend,PTSD

crochet sock monkey water bottle holder

While trying to think of a title for this post, I decided to look up a definition.

kindness: a kind deed or favor; the quality or state of being kind; affectionate, loving

Hmmm…The quality or state of being kind. So what is the definition of kind?

kind: of a sympathetic or helpful nature; arising from or characterized by sympathy or forbearance; of a kind to give pleasure or relief

If you put all the definitions together, you would get Lisa Simmons.

In The Box

When a person has PTSD, they never know if it is going to be a good or bad day. It is really a toss up. Even if the day starts out good, there is no guarantee that it will end the same way.

It was right after the beginning of 2013 and it was a bad day.

My brain was filled with fog, I couldn’t concentrate, tears threatened to spill over and the sadness was overwhelming. Being in this state is bearable if I’m home alone, but when I’m at work struggling to keep my emotions at bay while performing a great job, it is nearly impossible.

As I reached home, I was exhausted from fighting PTSD all day long and it took all my strength to walk to the door. I stepped over the threshold into the haven of my home to find that Alyssa had picked up a package at the post office that was addressed to me. In the top left corner the sender was identified as Lisa Simmons.

I only “knew” one Lisa Simmons and that was a Facebook and blog friend whom I had never met face-to-face. As I stared at the unopened box, a flood of emotions filled my eyes. I used my car key to cut open the tape on the box and then I carefully opened it.

Inside the box I found a handwritten note that said:


May this brighten your day. For all the wonderful posts I enjoy reading.

Happy New Year

Keep your head covered to keep the creative word flowing.
Keep your bottle of water cuddled.
Keep your tootsies warm with your slippers.

Lisa Simmons

lisa simmons note sock monkey

The box contained hand crocheted items: a cream slouch hat, a sock monkey water bottle holder and a sock monkey hat.

I stared at the contents knowing that Lisa had spent many hours crocheting these items for me…a person who shared her soul each day on a blog that Lisa read. I was overwhelmed by Lisa’s unselfish kindness. I was so overwhelmed that I just sat in the floor with my box of goodies and cried.

sock monkey hat, water bottle, cream hat

Eventually, I was able to get control of my emotions and I tried on the silky cream hat. While admiring it in the mirror, I had to admit that I actually looked stylish if I overlooked my red, puffy eyes! Then I went oooohhhh and aaaaaahhh over the beautifully stitched, cute sock monkey water bottle and hat. They both were so fun and I couldn’t help but smile each time I looked at them.

crochet sock monkey hat braided

Two Months Have Passed

It’s been two months since I opened the box. Since then I had to threaten to take Alyssa’s boots if she tried to take my hats. When I’m not wearing or using the crocheted gifts, they sit beside me at the computer. Nope, I don’t put them away. Instead, they remain close by to comfort me on especially taxing PTSD days.

cream crocheted hat

From the very beginning of my blogging-social media experience, I knew that relationships and not numbers mattered. As I buried myself in the world that appeared on my monitor, I found comfort, peace and support from people around the world during the most harrowing days of my life.

I will only have the privilege of meeting a few of the people that lifted me up when I was at my lowest. However, my gratitude for them is not lessened even though I don’t see them face-to-face. I simply can’t thank everyone enough for their kindnesses for nearly four years.

Today I’m sharing my personal experience with Lisa Simmons – a beautiful woman with a kind, unselfish soul. From the very bottom of my heart, I thank you, Lisa. Your Christ-like kindness will never be forgotten and I will cherish my gifts forever. I pray that God always grants you his richest blessings.

Matthew 25:40

40 …Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.


lisa simmons note


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