When The Flu Comes To Visit Get Tamiflu

by Sherry Riter in Health

nasty 2013 flu germ

I was at work yesterday with a tad bit of a sore throat, but it was no big deal. The phone rang and I heard Alyssa’s strained voice say, “Mom, I have the flu. I’ve been throwing up and I’m so weak I can’t get up.”

Oh no!!!

Well, I left work and took her to the doctor who confirmed that she had a sinus infection, ear infection and flu. He prescribed her a bunch of medication, so I asked if there was anything he could give me to save me from the dreaded flu. First he checked me out, discovered my sore throat and said, “That could be the beginning of the flu.”

Oh no!!!

We returned home armed with loads of medication, organic fruit juice and chicken broth. I’ve been loading Alyssa up with fluids and drinking tons myself. After dinner I took a nap and when I woke up…

Oh no!!!

I thought that I had the flu.

So I went back to bed and then when the morning came, I felt even worse. I have muscle aches, sore throat, stuffy nose and I am having chills. I also feel like a truck just ran me over, but I worked from home in spite of my sickness. See what a dedicated employee I am for my employer?

I’m sure I have the full blown flu today. Right now I’m on the verge of falling out of my chair. See what a dedicated blogger I am for my readers?

The doctor gave me Tamiflu which is an antiviral that works by stopping the flu virus from reproducing in the body. If Tamiflu is given within 48 hours of the beginning of symptoms, it can lessen the severity of the symptoms and shorten the length of sickness by a day or two. If given to people who have been exposed to the illness, it can do the same thing for them.

So remember, if someone in your family gets the flu, Tamiflu could help you too.

Sending you all germ-free {{{hugsssss}}} from afar.

I’m going to lay back down now and keep shaking under my blankets.

Oh no!!!


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