8 Dangers Of Being A Redhead

by Sherry Riter in Red Hair,Redhead

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Being a redhead isn’t always easy. Actually there are some negatives if you’re a redhead and some of them are actually dangerous. Since I’ve been a redhead all my life, I’m quite aware of the realities and the perceptions of being in this minority.

8 Dangers Of Being A Redhead

The top 8 dangers of being a redhead are as follows:

  • Everyone thinks that because you’re a redhead, you also have a terrible temper. I’m sure this is a great contributor to why redheads have the reputation for being witchy. I admit that I once had a temper that was out of control, but I couldn’t stand it any more than other people. After some therapy to help me solve childhood issues, I lost the Tasmanian Devil temper. Yeah, it was that bad. So although I still have red hair, I do not have a bad temper and I am not a witch.
  • A redhead’s tolerance to pain is often lower than people with other hair colors. This is definitely the truth for me and I’m a pain wimp. If I stub my toe, you would think someone ripped it off by my reaction.
  • The sun is not a redhead’s friend. There is no such a thing as a Brazilian tan if you’re a true redhead. Part of being a redhead usually means that you have fair skin and freckles.
  • Redhead’s have a weaker immunity and that is enough of a reason to support my germaphobia!
  • Bees are amazing little creatures and produce such wonderful honey, but they sting redheads more than other people.
  • Even if a redhead uses SPF100 and stays out of the sun, they are still at a higher risk for skin cancer. I avoid the sun like a vampire most of the time.
  • Some other people with hair colors that are not red have Gingerphobia. Ginger is another name for a redheaded person. So these people with Gingerphobia are scared of redheads. Often their fear of red hair is so great, it leads them to bully redheads.
  • It is impossible to blend in with the crowd if you are a redhead. Red hair draws attention because it is bright especially in the sunshine when it actually looks like your head is on fire. Blending in with the crowd is something a shy person really wants to do, but no matter how much a redhead tries to be invisible, it is impossible.

Crazy, huh?

Well, now that I’m not a child, I love being a redhead and I think my niece, Brittany, does too. We both think that Redheads Rock!!!

By the way, the rumor that redheads are going extinct isn’t true. The world can’t live without redheads!!!

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