25 Things I Learned From Having The Flu

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Since you already know how the flu started, let me tell you…

What I Learned From Having The Flu

  1. The beginning of the flu proved to me that older doctors are the best. They’ve seen it all when it comes to colds and flu, so you should just believe them when they say you are sick even if you don’t feel it yet.
  2. It is super intelligent to keep “sick food and drink” in stock at all times. On the way home from the doctor’s office, I stopped at the grocery store and purchased a ton of chicken broth and organic grain free (no corn syrup) fruit juices. I’m so glad that I bought enough to last through our sicknesses and that we still haven’t run out yet.
  3. Working from home is beneficial to your employer and it is also a great way to take your mind off all the pain. I worked around the clock on my work laptop the entire time I was sick. Not only did I accomplish a lot of tasks during all that uninterrupted time, but when I went back to work today, I actually wasn’t behind a bit. I’m sure people were surprised to see all those emails sent by me in the middle of the night.
  4. Another thing I learned from having the flu and staying awake for hours in the middle of the night is that people at my place of employment do not often send emails at 3:00 a.m. I wonder why? LOL
  5. If you have long hair, wearing it in a French braid is the best way to keep it out of your face while you’re sick. It is not only comfortable, but your hair won’t get in the way of unpleasant stuff like sweating profusely, blowing your nose a million times and vomiting.
  6. When you have the flu, it isn’t possible to eat fattening food. I learned that having the flu is a sure-fire way of losing weight. Yep. Six days without solid food may leave you a bit shaky, but when you start eating again, you can’t eat as much. I guess it is that stomach shrinking thing.
  7. Grain free (no corn syrup) popsicles not only taste delicious and healthy, but they help to cool down a temperature from the inside and relieve the pain of a very sore throat. Unfortunately, I was too sick to make my orange recipe, but it would have tasted so yummy.
  8. The same chilled organic fruit juices that keep you hydrated and work to lower your temperature, can also be heated to soothe a queasy stomach.
  9. A cold shower helps lower a high temperature, but a hot shower will relieve aching muscles. At the time, the aching muscles were driving me nuts, so I took lots of hot showers. Besides, does anyone really want to take a cold shower? Not me!
  10. Having a temperature for an extended amount of time can make you very dizzy. It is also a great excuse for being klutzy. Going forward, maybe I will just feign sickness every time I do something klutzy. LOL
  11. If you spill organic vegetable juice on the carpet because you are dizzy and lose your balance while getting up, don’t panic. Since it is “organic” vegetable juice, there isn’t a bunch of red dye in it, so cleaning it up isn’t that hard.
  12. High temperatures can’t always be controlled with medication and it causes terrible body aches.
  13. Bags of frozen peas or bags of frozen almond and coconut flour work great to cool off a throbbing temperature-flu-sinus headache.
  14. It is easy to go through a whole box of Puffs tissues with lotion when you have the flu.
  15. Nothing can smear eye glasses faster than a Puffs tissue with lotion. Those tissues sure do help when you have to blow your nose a million times. I just have no idea why I never remembered to take off my glasses before I grabbed a tissue and blew my nose!
  16. Wearing pajamas that are soft knit enable you to clean lotion smeared eye glasses. This was extremely helpful because I felt too sick to get up and clean them with soap and water at the sink.
  17. A barking dog, even a cute red furry loved barking dog, is not a desirable thing when you have the flu and a throbbing headache.
  18. Losing one’s youthfulness is a sad state of affairs. When I awoke Saturday morning and saw Alyssa had already beat the flu while I was still feeling like hot lava rocks that had been ricocheted off the jagged cliff like a rubber ball, I had two simultaneous feelings – I was happy that my daughter was well and depressed that I was old. Apparently youthfulness helps you get over sicknesses a whole lot faster.
  19. High temperatures make you hallucinate or maybe it was the codeine in one of my medications. On second thought, maybe it was the combination of the two along with the flu. At any rate, I heard and saw all kinds of things that just didn’t exist and it wasn’t any fun.
  20. When you get the flu and the Christmas tree is still up, thinking about taking it down never even crosses your mind.
  21. Even snow isn’t exciting when you have the flu. It snowed again while I had the flu. It wasn’t as much snow as the other day, but it still snowed enough to turn the ground white. I was so sick that I didn’t even care to look out the window. What a waste of a good snow!
  22. I didn’t actually learn this while having the flu, but it reaffirmed my knowledge. Alyssa and I whine when we are sick. Our whining doesn’t ever bother us, but it sure can aggravate other people. Actually, we both agree that whining makes us feel better. That’s our story and we are sticking to it.
  23. Thank God for dishwashers. When we were finally able to “do the dishes,” we filled the dishwasher with Mason jars. I’ve learned that the only “glasses” that are tougher than me is my Mason jars and I also like the way they look as a drinking glass. Alyssa has found them to be very forgiving of her klutziness too. Mason jars can not only be filled with ice to keep a drink cold, but they can be popped into the microwave to heat the beverage without worrying about cracking the glass. Let me just say that I think Mason jars rock!
  24. High temperatures dry you out! After a two hour nap that started at 2:00 a.m., I woke up with dried, cracked lips and an eyeball that was stuck to the underside of my eyelid. Oh my gosh did that hurt! My eyeball ached all day long. So not only did I have the flu with a temperature, but I dried out like a prune even though I drank liquids constantly. I foresee a Hypoallergenic Grain Free Deep Moisturizing Hair Conditioning treatment this weekend.
  25. This last thing I learned from the flu is very sad. If you enjoyed all the light-hearted fun and whining found in the first twenty four of the list, you might want to skip number twenty-five. I learned that having the flu is very depressing.
    While laying back on the couch, staring at the blurry ceiling with a fever that threatened to cause spontaneous combustion, muscles aching without anyone to massage them, and having a red furry dog as my only comforting companion, I had plenty of time to think about my life.

    I’ve turned fifty years old and it is more than highly likely that I won’t live another fifty years. There are so many things that I haven’t done and it is too late to even attempt to do many of them. I’ve also made so many mistakes that I can’t go back and undo, so I have to live with the consequences of those bad choices.

    Above everything in life, I wanted to be a mother and wife. There’s nothing better than loving and being loved. So while my body radiated so much heat that even Bella didn’t want to lay next to me, I thought about how alone I was and that there was no hand to reach out and hold for comfort. I never dreamed that I would be alone at this stage of life. I think it is a terribly sad thing that I’ve married twice and still ended up alone. It has depressed me so much that I’ve actually considered giving up blogging and writing.

    Today I started to feel a bit better physically. I stretched out on the couch when I got home and started watching Nathan Fillion in the American crime drama television series called Castle. It’s about a best-selling mystery novelist and NYPD Detective who solve various unusual crimes in New York City. Since it is a clean story line with mystery, intrigue and love undertones, I find it to be an easy show to watch and it helps me escape.

    Anyway, I relaxed and restored enough energy that I was able to cook dinner. I started thinking about all the things I need to accomplish over the next month and sat down to write a post that ended my blog. Like I said, I’ve been rather depressed. But after I started writing, I realized that I couldn’t dump my blog.

    Over the next month, I won’t be able to blog everyday like I have for the past three years. I really have some major things to accomplish. Since PTSD places limitations on my abilities, I am going to have to really concentrate in order to get all my responsibilities finished. When everything is caught up, I will go back to the normal posting pattern. Well, that’s the plan for now.

All in all, having the flu was a pretty miserable experience and one that I do not want to experience again any time soon. The realization and depressing nature of my loneliness exacerbated by PTSD isn’t something that I will be able to shake easily. It is such a bummer. However, it is a bummer that I must somehow live through because this is my life.


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