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It wasn’t too long ago that I gave you some Twitter advice in an effort to save you from making many of the mistakes that I did when I first started tweeting. Not long after that post, I continued to get DM’s (Direct Messages) on Twitter from hackers and innocent people who had been taken over by hackers. That prompted me to write a post about the 7 steps to eliminate a Twitter hacker. Today I want to share something that I find to be really fun and it is called Twitter art which is better known as those pictures made with ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) symbols.

Tweeting Twitter Art

Last February I decided that I wanted to create my name using the ASCII Symbols so that I could have my own Twitter art. I spent quite awhile putting symbols together manually so that “The Redhead Riter” could be celebrated and noticed. Since I didn’t have a program to create the image, it was a painstaking procedure. I knew, however, in the end I would conquer, so I was pretty pumped up to get it finished.

I did finish the twitter art a few days later and have been enjoying my personalized Twitter art ever since then.

twitter art the redhead riter 2011-02-18

The only thing that would make Twitter better, other than being able to use more than 140 characters, would be to have the option of using color in the tweets. I think it would be just awesome!

So today I took the time to play around a bit on Twitter to satisfy my creative side. Not only did I create a self-portrait and a Twitter art picture of my daughter, Alyssa, but I also brought my dream to reality. I colored my Twitter art.

Of course, it wasn’t in color on Twitter, but nonetheless, I colored the Twitter pictures AND I enjoyed the process. Did it serve a purpose? Well, you will probably say that it was a useless waste of time, but it sure did satisfy the creative side of me. I was totally absorbed in creating my curls and coloring Alyssa’s cheeks, lips, hair and shirt. It was truly a nerd’s paradise.

So I didn’t create world peace today, but I enjoyed myself and was lost in the wonderful world of creativity. Never underestimate the healing power of being expressed in a piece of art, even if it is ASCII Twiter art pictures. Believe me – it is a whole lot better than having to hear me sing like a dying cow.



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