15 Ways To Be A Superhero Every Single Day

by Sherry Riter in Motivation,Self-Development  

Unless you are wearing a Kevlar(R) vest by DuPont, you won’t be able to stop a speeding bullet. Even with the vest, you still won’t be able to stop a speeding bullet like Superman. I also highly doubt that you have a webmaker like Spider-Man which would enable you to throw a web and swing from building to building. I even doubt that you have a Batmobile like Batman that gets you out of tight jams. So if you can’t do any of these things like these famous characters, how can you be a Superhero?

Superman Superwoman Superhero Fight Evil

How To Be A Superhero Every Single Day

I used to love watching cartoons and often pretended to be Super-Man when I was a little girl. I believe that every day, Superhero acts are performed like saving people from a burning building, a heart attack or an exploding bomb. However, I also believe that each of us can be a Superhero every single day when we do things like:

  1. Comfort a family member, friend or total stranger
  2. Provide nutritious and satisfying meals to our family
  3. Successfully drive to and fro on busy roads or highways without wrecking our vehicle
  4. Attend to the sick, young and elderly
  5. Teach our children how to be intelligent, motivated, thoughtful and caring people
  6. Obey the law even when no one is looking
  7. Replace negative self-talk with positive self-talk all day
  8. Remember to take all our medications and/or vitamins on time
  9. Banish all complaints from our thoughts and conversations
  10. Get at least eight hours of sleep during the night
  11. Do something that motivates and inspires yourself and/or others
  12. Take time to care for your body – bath/shower, shave, deep conditioning your hair, lotion your body, clip/file nails, brush/floss teeth and pumice your heels if they are rough
  13. Enjoy the beauty of nature regardless of the season
  14. Take time to relax in order to find peace and tranquility
  15. Work hard, pay your bills and don’t buy things you can’t afford

You may be thinking that the list is not a list of Superhero acts, but I disagree wholeheartedly. Not only are they Superhero actions, but you are a Superhero when you do any of them! Let me explain…

We pack each day full of things that must be completed. Somehow we are able to successfully manage some or all the duties required of us. At night, as we fling our exhausted body on the bed, it feels almost impossible to believe that we got everything done. That is the aha moment! YOU are a Superhero in your life!

No, you can’t stop a speeding bullet, but you can send a card to the friend who just lost a family member. You can’t fling webs hither and tither to fly through the air, but you can volunteer to drive your elderly neighbor to the pharmacy to pick up their prescriptions. Maybe you don’t have the Batmobile, but by taking a walk each day you are strengthening your cardiovascular system. It is hard to scrunch everything into a busy day, week, month and year, however we continue to amaze ourselves with the tasks we complete. Well, that is because YOU are a Superhero performing Superhero things each day!

By taking the time and making the effort to be a kinder, more compassionate and peaceful person, you will also make the world a better place every single day just like the Superheroes we all love to watch on the cartoons.



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