Kickin’ It Up In Boots While Surrounded By Boxes

by Sherry Riter in Fun,Product

No matter how many years you live in the city, if you were born in the country and raised by people who make one syllable words into two syllables, you’ll always be country at heart.

After today’s packing and throwing away, my home resembles a…storage unit except that there is a large, lit turtle tank with Turtle swimming around in it. The ratio of boxes sitting around the perimeter of the rooms versus unpacked stuff has tipped. Today also marked the day when I decided that I don’t want to own anything. Well, I still want to have dishes, a camera, a computer, clothes, cuddly blankets, my toothbrush and a new pair of boots.

Can you believe I said a new pair of boots after all the hard work I’ve done getting rid of stuff? (rolling eyes at myself)

When I first started blogging, I think I entered every giveaway on the Internet. It took so much time to enter them and return daily to tweet them, that I hardly had any time to write. After awhile, I realized I just couldn’t keep up the pace, so I quit entering giveaways except for a random one here and there. Tonight, after working my butt off with the packing stuff, I sat down to read my tweets and I bet you can’t guess what I found.

Uh huh. A giveaway. Not just any giveaway. It is a giveaway for boots. It would be appropriate if you said, “The Redhead Riter = Sucker For Boots” because it would be true. I think it is genetic and the gene improves with each generational mutation because “Alyssa = Sucker For Boots AND Goes Out Shopping To Buy Them.”

So if I used the lingo and accent of my country raising…A new pa-ir of boots wood look rea-al niiice with my black cowboy ha-at, don’tcha thaink?

womens black cowboy hat

Hard to believe I used to talk like that too.

Anyway, I entered the giveaway which ends October 1st. (rolling my eyes at myself) I am going to do what Joan suggests (manifest my dreams), but…

Yeah, I know – No “but’s” are allowed when thinking positively and manifesting.

Since I’m going to believe that I will win the boots, I’ve got to act like it, right? Let’s see how good I am at this manifesting stuff. I’m seeing the boots in my mind’s eye as already won and on my feet. They fit perfectly and my feet are warm. (Peeking under the desk to look at imaginary boots on my feet) Man! I look hot in these boots! ;)

Anyway, I thought I would show you the boots I like and ask you a few questions to see how country you are:

  • Do you wear boots?
  • Which pair of boots do you like best out of my favorite pairs pictured below?

Seagreen Madras Mad Dog Boot

Madison Boot - Burnished Red

Grey Black Sequin Eagle Boot

Stone Python Print S5 ToeBoot

Crush Sultry Slouch Boots - Midnight Black

Crush Sultry Slouch Boots - Distressed Sunset Brown

Antique Cognac Cream Wingtip Eagle Boot

Wynona Boots - Beige Chocolate

Oh my goodness, I surely do love leather.

If I win…oops! I mean, when I win, ;) I might have to pull on a pair of tight fittin’ jeans with my new boots, go outside and let Alyssa take a picture of me perched on a fence. Giddy up!

The city me: I hope you enjoyed looking at the boots. It has been a pleasure having you visit my blog today and I look forward to seeing you again.

The country me: Ya’ll come back now and sit fer awhile next time. I’ll bake ya’ sum reeely good collards, cornbread, ungyons soaked in vineger and a juicy peach cobbler with some homemade iiice cream. Thanks fer stoppin’ by! {{{hugssss}}}

The real me which is a combination of the other two: Can’t you almost smell the leather?! Wow! Those boots are so beautiful! I hope you enjoyed checking them out as much as I did showing you. Wish me luck! {{{hugss}}}



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