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You don’t know this yet…I nearly died on Thursday and I have kept it from you for three days, but I will get to that in a minute. (Imagine Carly Simon singing, “Anticipation”)

It has been awhile since I have let you into the simple soliloquy that goes on in my head. Not the one that I write about all the time, it is the short spurts of thoughts that are secret conversations between me, myself and I. Well, Turtle and Bella hear them too, but I don’t think they comprehend most of it especially when they start sleeping. Can you believe they fall asleep while I’m telling them secrets? (rolling my eyes)

So here are a few random things that have happened, things I’ve been doing and thoughts that have been going on in my redhead lately…

  • I only define words in my posts when I want to make a big impact with the meaning or it is a word I know my daughter or mother don’t know the definition of, sooooo I hope that when I explain a definition to my readers, they aren’t offended.
  • I need to start with a definition and I just told you why (laughing out loud), so the word is eGeek: (noun) A person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest such as “a computer geek”. My job (employment outside the home) is offering the employees a bunch of educational eMarketing/Sales type of webinars. I have been so excited about them! I think my boss gets a big kick out of the way I become quite animated when the conversation is around online computer stuff. I sent her a note last week to remind her that the webinar was coming up soon as a “funny” because she DOESN’T get excited about that stuff. Anyway, the short note she sent back really made me laugh. It said, “Please try to contain yourself. I am beginning to think you are an eGeek.” If you don’t see the humor in her response, you didn’t see the humor in my note to her either. Maybe I should move on to the next item. Yeah? Okay.
  • I have a dry sense of humor which is humorous to me! (I’m seriously laughing out loud.)
  • My email has always been a big thorn in my side because I never seem to be able to keep up with ALL of it. I had 2,359 emails in my INBOX. Seriously! It made me have a sick stomach every time I had to go to my email. That’s all over now. I have been so dedicated to my email for the last week. I think I am now THE Email Organizational Queen. Seriously! THE Queen! I have ZERO emails in my INBOX. Everything was answered, deleted or neatly arranged in folders. I’m so proud of myself! Please leave a comment saying, “Yay!” or something. I need to hear some praise because it was a BRUTAL task!
  • You know I love Krispy Kreme Doughnuts as much as I love my pinkie finger. If you don’t believe me, just type “Krispy Kreme” in the SEARCH bar at the top of the right sidebar of my HOME page and then read all the posts about doughnuts! Anyway, my EMAIL is decorated with a Krispy Kreme theme, however, how am I supposed to feel free to salivate when visiting my email when this ad is always showing?
    email doughnuts header diet ad

  • Don’t forget to notice that “This folder is empty.” Yeah, that’s the INBOX folder!
  • I gave my Google Chrome a complete overhaul. I deleted everything and started over from scratch because it never worked right. Now it is very nice. I use Google Chrome for my work with clients. When I’m doing social media for them, it is easy to keep their accounts separate from my social media accounts because all of mine are on Firefox. I wanted to use the Google Chrome LEATHER THEME because it looks like…um, leather and leather is HOT, but the tabs were so light that my young eyes struggled to read the writing on them.
    google chrome leather theme icons

  • I couldn’t keep the leather theme, so my quest was for something like a peaceful nature photo. I found one! I had really hoped for blue tabs, because purple is so girly, but I couldn’t pass up the photo. What do you think of my new theme with the elegant photograph of a single person sitting by the foggy water as the sun rises or sets on the rocky shore in vivid blues and pinks??
    google chrome theme icons organized

  • Last, but not least, let’s talk about my near death experience on Thursday. I have been getting a rash on my face, so I went to a dermatologist. Her suggestion was that I needed to change some products I was using. I changed dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, eliminated dryer sheets, purchased a different kind of bath soap, threw out my makeup and started with a fresh hypo-allergenic foundation and powder, made sure that my eye makeup remover never touched my cheeks and finally started using a very plain moisturizing face lotion.

    I’ve probably lost ALL THE MALE readers by now.

    Even after doing all that stuff, I still keep breaking out! Well, I woke up on Thursday with my face as big as a croaking bullfrog or a puffer fish and the rash had taken over my entire face. The girl who never gets headaches felt like her head was going to explode and if that wasn’t scary enough, my esophagus felt tight and constricted.

    I ended up seeing three doctors on Thursday! One doctor thinks I’m allergic to something that is touching my face which is highly doubtful at this point. One doctor thinks it is an allergic reaction to “something” which has been made worse because of high stress. (rolling my eyes) The last doctor took ALL my blood and put it in little vials to test for food allergies. I wonder if that makes me a vampire now? The doctor is sure that I have a food allergy because the redhead who NEVER gets heartburn even if she eats pickled jalapenos out of the jar, has been having severe heartburn. She said that was a sure sign of a food allergy. Did you know that was a symptom of a food allergy? I didn’t, obviously. Not only do I have a food allergy, it is something that I eat all the time! (Please God, don’t let me be allergic to chocolate, garlic or shellfish!)

    So I have been putting the cortisone cream on my face, taking the cortisone tablets by mouth and only eating white bread, lettuce, celery, potato, turkey, a little salt for seasoning, spot of plain mustard and drinking lots of water as usual. THAT’S IT FOLKS! Can you imagine how bored I am with eating ONLY those foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner? No, really! Look at all the beautiful food I usually eat!!! However, I’m actually scared to eat anything else. I felt like I was suffocating on Thursday and was so scared until a fast blast of medication made my constricted esophagus go back to normal.

    Where would I be without immediate medical attention? I’m so thankful for doctors and medical science!

Now isn’t it hard to understand how Turtle and Bella fall asleep on my conversations with them every day? Oh, and don’t forget that my INBOX is EMPTY and I could use a little kudos.

Definition of kudos: (noun) Fame, acclaim and renown resulting from an act or achievement; praise given for an exceptional achievement. Hint!



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