Bare Your Fruit – Bathing & Showering Together

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Aging. We all are doing it every second of every day. Anyway, you know that I write about marriage and relationships especially as it relates to us “older” people. I do believe in love…real love even for “older” people. Real love that is passionate, enjoyable and fun.

To prove my point, let me tell you a story about Mr. and Mrs. Tomato.

11 Reasons To Bathe & Shower Together

Mr. and Mrs. Tomato, an older couple, got home at the end of a long day and both were a bit tired. Mr. Tomato lit some candles and filled the big jacuzzi tub full of bubbles.

“Hey honey,” Mr. Tomato said as he stepped into the warm, bubbly water in the jacuzzi. “I think you should get in here with me. I heard that hot bubble baths together will relieve stress.”

naked tomato couple bubble bath 4

“It is rather romantic to take a bath together. Do you remember how we used to do it all the time when we were younger?” Mrs. Tomato asked.

naked tomato couple bubble bath 6

“Of course I remember! Get on in here and I will help YOU remember too!” Mr. Tomato said seductively.

naked tomato couple bubble bath 7

“You’re so sweet,” Mrs. Tomato said, “but I’m so much older than I used to be and I have all these things that don’t look beautiful on my body. Aging sure has taken a toll on me.”

naked tomato couple bubble bath 8

“Darling, I love you. I’m aging too and I love you for all the wonderful things that are inside your heart. Your body is still beautiful to me. Besides, when your naked body is next to me, that’s all I can think about! Now get in and let me scrub your back because you know it is hard for you to reach it. You know that a nice bath together is fun,” Mr. Tomato said as he continued to try and convince Mrs. Tomato to get into the tub.

naked tomato showing bootie crack 5

Mrs. Tomato thought that when they bathe together, she always felt extremely sexy, so she finally joined Mr. Tomato in the bubbly jacuzzi.

naked tomato couple bubble bath 1

“Bathing together is definitely a great way to conserve water and it sure has been some of our most fun cheap dates,” Mrs. Tomato said laughing as she splashed Mr. Tomato with bubbles.

naked tomato couple bubble bath 2

“All the steam and bubbles are sexy,” said Mr. Tomato, “and I think the water is sensual. Come closer and I will massage your aching shoulders.”

naked tomato couple bubble bath 3

“At least if I bathe with you,” Mrs. Tomato said, “I don’t have to worry about you reenacting that scary Psycho movie I’ve watched too many times.”

naked tomato showing bootie crack 9

“Sweetie,” Mr. Tomato said in a low voice, “my mind couldn’t be further from that movie. Taking a bath together is erotic and I’ve got thoughts of you and me running through my mind.”

“Well don’t keep those thoughts in your mind,” Mrs. Tomato giggled. “Why don’t you just put them into action?”

naked tomato couple bubble bath 10

In Case You Missed It

Were you laughing too hard to catch the 11 reasons to bathe together? In case you missed it, here they are:

  1. relieves stress
  2. romantic
  3. easier to let someone scrub your back
  4. fun
  5. you feel extremely sexy
  6. conserves water
  7. cheap date
  8. steam and bubbles are sexy
  9. water is sensual
  10. the Psycho movie won’t enter your mind
  11. it is erotic

No matter how old you get or flawed you think your body has become, bathing and showering together is a wonderful idea! So tell me, what are you waiting for?! The bubbles are waiting!!!

**I just wanted to thank Don, one of the magnificent seven, who gave me the homegrown tomato that got my imagination working overtime today. When the thought hit me that one side of the tomato looked like a bootie, I couldn’t get home fast enough to write this post. LOL

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