Elegant Evening iPhone Photos And Delicious Food

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Let me start by saying that Brittany, my niece, got a new iPhone and I used it to take all the pictures in this post. I also took about fifty others that aren’t in this post. I fell in love with her phone.

Okay, nobody faint! I know that I usually keep a cell phone until it is ready to be donated to the Smithsonian, but this phone really impressed me and it was fun to use. I seriously didn’t want to give the phone back to Brittany!

What was the occasion that had me snapping so many photos?

My family did something a little bit different this year…

On Christmas Eve we all met at my mother’s house to eat, open gifts and enjoy each other’s company.

My mother is a very elegant woman and her home reflects her personality. Everything was decked out to the nines when we arrived. Of course, I was late which seems to be the norm. I feel bad for Alyssa because she is always ready an hour ahead of time and I’m the one that makes her late. The other redhead in the family, my niece, is also late all the time. Maybe it is just a redhead thing or we both have the same mutated late gene. I was just glad that she got there after we did. (smile)

Anyway, I love the feeling of Mom’s home. It is clean, uncluttered, smells nice, looks elegant and very welcoming.

Mom was so excited to have us all come over and had spent many hours cooking in preparation for our visit. It was quite evident that she wanted everything perfect. I love her so much for loving us all so much.

Really, who wouldn’t feel special dining with gold flatware, china and crystal? I should add…especially since Mom knows that I break everything I touch.

There was so much food on the table and every little foodie gene in my body leaped with excitement.

Sitting right next to me was the Apple Cake. It tastes as deliciously rich as it looks and was so moist. I was so tempted to start my meal with the cake, but I resisted. My sister, however, did begin with the cake and felt no shame. It was quite comical.

Before you ask, let me answer the question on the tip of your tongue…

No, I have not shared this recipe with you yet, but I will definitely have this one in my cookbook.

The newest addition to Mom’s repertoire of recipes is a Waldorf Salad inspired by her husband. I loved it the first time she made it and I think that Mom has definitely perfected the dish now. It is very addictive and hard to stop eating.

My most favorite dish on the whole table was the Blueberry Salad. I daydream about Blueberry Salad. It is so tantalizing to my taste buds. I can assure you that I brought some home with me and ate it for a midnight snack and at breakfast on Christmas morning. Yes, it is that yummy.

The naked ladies and cherubs that hold flower arrangements in Mom’s home were also decorated with lights. Personally, I think she should leave the lights on them all year long.

Everything was so beautiful and I felt so much love from my family. It was so nice to sit together again.

As you can tell in the reflection of the mirror, Mom’s tree is elegantly gorgeous just like her. I won’t confess that I was actually trying to take a picture of myself because as you can tell, the iPhone was covering most of my face and I was looking down. I have this thing with looking down in photos, but you probably haven’t noticed that about me (wink).

Since I don’t have any pictures proving that I’m more than just a head with a mop of red hair, this photo proves that my body extends at least to the top of my knees. I promise that I do have feet too.

You can laugh now.

I tried really hard to have a great shot of me with Alyssa, but I am very slow with mastering the art of any telephone. I do so much better with a camera that isn’t pointed in my direction. However, my petite child pushed the button to take the picture so that I could at least hold her close and have a photo to remember this wonderful evening. Isn’t Alyssa so lovely?

Thank you Mom for all your efforts during the evening and thank you everyone else for making it so wonderful. I love you all very much and feel so grateful that I was able to share in the festivities with you.

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1 Joan December 26, 2011 at 1:03 am

What a festive Christmas eve party your mother threw! Everything looked so beautiful and elegant, including you, Redhead Riter! This delicious post was a feast for the eyes! Thank you for sharing it with us! I loved how your mother decorated the Christmas tree! She is a true artist in everything she does and her presentation of the food was simply elegant and divine! Everything looked so appetizing and inviting that I wanted to dive right in and eat the pictures! :o)


2 TJ December 26, 2011 at 8:56 am

I do not know if Joan will come see you but when she does tell her I will throw a feast just like this one for her. Thank you Sherry, but My family is the light of my life. I love you endlessly and you are the best of me. When I look at any one of you four , I think ,"did I have something to do with that?" I then say "Yes, I did?" wow is the word. Have a jolly holiday to day with Lyssa


3 Skip_D December 26, 2011 at 11:10 am

What a wonderful dinner! Too bad you didn't include a photo of the hostess – or did she forbid it? As always, your photos convey aroma & flavor… yummm! How long before you get an iPhone? ;D


4 Stacy and Carol December 28, 2011 at 12:40 pm

Great job on your pictures. Who would have thought that phones would become cameras or better yet take great pictures. That's quite the mirror. Beautiful decorations/set up for the holidays. Tell your mom she did a wonderful job.


5 Joyce Rothman December 31, 2011 at 6:11 pm

How wonderful your Christmas Eve must have been. Both you and Alyssa are lovely! Happy New Year.
Love, Joyce


6 Vanessa Qualls May 7, 2012 at 3:36 am

Its May and Christmas is just a memory now but I loved looking back on your older post. It reminded me of my own mother and all the holidays passed. Before my mothers health got bad she too would cook and decorate and put so much love into every meal she prepared for the holidays. We also used to have Waldorf salad, I had forgotton how much I used to love that stuff!
Thanks for sharing a touch of your holiday with all of us!

Hope you have a wonderful summer and an even better upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family!


7 The Redhead Riter May 7, 2012 at 3:58 am

Thank you, Vanessa. So far this year just keeps getting better and better. That’s a good thing!

I am very happy to share my wonderful family. My mother is so talented and loves her whole family very much. It shows in all she does for us.

I hope your year is going well too. {{{huggssss}}}


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