Organic White Peaches – Juicy, Fair Flesh

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Saying that is was hot and humid today just is not an accurate description. As the sun beat down on the parched earth and moisture hung in the air like a Japanese sauna, the blistering temperatures caused the mercury to rise with a promise of triple digits through the weekend.

The thirty minutes of clammy heat was enough to cause an immediate strip down upon walking through the front door of my air conditioned home. Feeling sticky and roasted like a marshmallow at a Girl Scout camp out, I went straight to the kitchen for some liquid refreshment.

That is when I saw the delicious Sweet Muffins from yesterday. Although I have a basket full of ripe strawberries in the refrigerator and knowing that they would make a delicious strawberry shortcake dessert, the fruit that enticed me most were the organic white peaches.

white peaches

Organic is a better choice simply because it is more natural, but white peaches deliver a very sophisticated and elegant flavor compared to it’s sister, the yellow peach. White peaches have an overall acid content that is lower than yellow varieties and some hardly have any acid at all. This lack of acid causes the fruit to taste sweeter.

white peaches

White peaches are whitish with the deep pink around the pit in the center instead of the orangish-yellow color found on traditional varieties. Sometimes there are streaks of florescent pink accenting the fair skin of the fruit. The outside of the peach is also much lighter in color than the regular peaches and has an almost light pink undertone to the skin.

white peaches

Obviously, a ripened white peach is a delicacy and greatly desired by this burning hot redhead who spent too long in the sweltering sunshine on her way home from work. To help cool me off, I gathered a couple of chilled white peaches and washed them under the cold water running from the tap.

white peaches

Holding the cold fruit and slowly cutting through the pinkish flesh helped to relax, as well as, cool me off a little bit. The juice dripped through my fingers like rain on flower petals.

The memory of the scorching sun and muggy curtain of air slowly began to slip away as I concentrated on creating a luscious refreshment.

Breaking the Sweet Muffin into quarters, I nestled the crumbly pieces in the center of the softly ripened, intensely flavored, slices of the white peaches. To add to the already delectable dessert, I added fresh whipped cream and drizzled honey all over the already sticky and juicy peach slices, Sweet Muffin and fluffy, white whipped cream.

white peaches

The sugary peach juice dripping on the white flesh of the peach was almost too beautiful to eat…

white peaches

but my mouth was salivating and the bowl of deliciousness was beckoning me to take a bite.

white peaches

I opened the blinds on the large window, curled up against the cold leather of the couch and dipped my spoon into the bowl of promised goodness.

white peaches

With the perfect proportions of peach, muffin, honey and whipped cream balanced on the spoon, I looked out the window at the blazing sunshine and put the bite in my mouth letting my eyelids flutter closed. The flavors were married on my tongue as I chewed one bite at a time enjoying the coldness of the peach flesh.

Slowly my skin was cooling off and I forgave the jungle moisture and desert heat outside for engulfing me earlier. With each bite from the bowl, I closed my eyes so that I could totally concentrate on the juicy, fair flesh mixing with the contrasting flavors of honey, cream and cake-like muffin.

white peaches

When the bowl was empty and my body cooled, I slumped down further on the couch, closed my eyes and took a little nap.

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1 Bev July 22, 2011 at 7:43 pm

Well, and wow! That organic white peach sure sounds like it fulfilled the cooling off in more ways than one! A very, well written sensual post. When does the sequel and the book come out?


2 Joan July 22, 2011 at 9:59 pm

After reading this post — it was sooo sensuously written that I think you should write a a novel called "Romancing The Peach." lol

All aside from kidding around, the writing in this post was sensational — and the photographs made me long to eat organic white peaches! I said it before, "You should be a romance writer. Then we could call you The Redhead Romance Riter!"


3 bradssafeandlock July 22, 2011 at 10:48 pm

You made that peach sound like Heven! Now ain't that a peach! :o)


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