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I dare you to click me

Let’s face it. If you sit staring at a screen that is “loading” for longer than 30 seconds, you click the little “x” and you’re gone. Sometimes, not only do you leave, but you never return. Last week I discussed the effect that images have on your blog loading times and today we are going to take it a little further with some tools to help you.

What Is Load Time?

Let’s start with a couple definitions…

Browser: A computer program such as Firefox or Internet Explorer that requests and formats files from a web server which are written in Hypertext Markup Language. This language is best known by it’s abbreviated form, HTML. When the hyperlinks in the file are clicked by the user, the browser displays the file that the link represents.

Load Time: The time it takes to load/bring up/show a web page or blog with all the elements of the page in a browser and onto your monitor is called load time. It is influenced by the quality/type of images, amount of video/audio/graphic animation, number of words on the page, the blog host especially when it is shared hosting, and traffic on the network.

How Do I Check My Blog’s Load Time?

It is said that a site should load in 2 seconds or less.

“Wow that’s fast,” you’re thinking, however, you’re probably the same person that will click the “x” and go bye-bye if it takes any longer. We live in the “now” generation and no one wants to wait especially if they are just staring at a blank screen. Besides, there are millions of other sites that load fast, so why wait for Mr. Slow Loader?

The Website Speed Test is quick and simple to use. Just type the URL of the blog in the large box and hit the check button. The time will vary even on the same site because of all the factors mentioned previously.

I’m pretty sure you all just left to go check your blog speeds, so I’ll wait until you get back before I finish my post.


To sum it all up…

  1. Not only does size matter, but apparently speed does too.
  2. Check your load time every now and then to be sure you are still loading quickly.
  3. Memorize the terms and definitions listed because there will be a test soon.

Most importantly, do not contribute to the World Wide Wait.

“What is that?” you asked.

World Wide Wait is a derogatory term used to describe low speed connections on the WWW – World Wide Web.

Woo Us To Your Blog

The last “Woo Us To Your Blog” post was about improving image load time which is one aspect of decreasing your blog’s load time.

As always, attached is the weekly Linky to enter either the main URL to your site or add each post you publish throughout the week. You don’t have to do anything special, just drop your link in and get a little extra exposure to your site.

Until next week’s wooing post, have fun with the new tool!

By the way…The Linky does slow down site loading time! LOL!

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1 Simoney March 15, 2011 at 9:39 pm

Hey Ms Red, GREAT post! Thanks for the tips, I checked my load time and yay! it's 1.86 seconds – which is great to know!

I was trying to find if you have a tutorial on making those little buttons for facebook, subscribe, twitter. I know you are so clever… just wondering if you have a titorial on that?? I've got individual widgets for all those but it would look so much neater tp have just a collection of buttons. i see them everywhere but can't find where to get them. Any ideas?


2 Mel~ @ March 16, 2011 at 1:32 am

I echo Simoney. That would be great! I don't like the chaos of the layout on my blog and would love to clean it up. Let me know!

Oh, I can't leave a linky 🙁 FYI, I keep getting an error message from the server.


3 The Redhead Riter March 16, 2011 at 3:03 am

Which collection did you mean…the ones that pop up when you click one or just a grouping of buttons. Send me a link to the buttons you are describing. :o)

Any ideas about buttons or something else? I have lots of ideas about everything LOL LOL Just kidding you! But really, send me a link so I can see what you all are talking about.


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