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by Sherry Riter in Tell The Truth Thursday

Tell The Truth Thursday
Welcome to “Tell The Truth Thursday” where the question that has been posted in my right side bar gets answered by me and you! Did you prepare your post and are you ready to drop your URL into the Linky so that we all can follow? Grab the thumb above linking it back to this blog posting and let’s get started…

The question this week is :

    What type of flooring does your personality most resemble? Which flooring would you prefer to resemble??


(You and I are sitting on my front porch swing drinking fresh squeezed lemonade from a frosted pink glasses.)

I know this is a crazy question, but to quote Ricky Ricardo, “You are a crazy redhead” and we will just leave off the Lucy part.

There are all kinds of flooring possibilities which I have actually explored with you quite a long time ago, however, I didn’t relate it to my personality.

(We wrap our glasses with a napkin to prevent the condensation from dripping on our hands. I pass you a piece of banana bread.)

One aspect of my personality is soft and compassionate which would lead me to think about thick, pile carpeting in a soft, pastel color or even white. I do love white in decorating. I’ve even been thinking about going all white with just soft accent colors.

(I just dropped part of my banana bread while I was trying to balance by glass since the we are still swinging.)

When I’m about to settle for thick, plush, carpeting as my answer to the Tell The Truth Thursday question, I’m reminded that I also like things clean, smooth, organized and simple. Large granite tiles are just like that, but they have a cold aspect to them and I do not.

(After handing you another slice of moist banana bread,I begin to eat the juicy strawberries that I piled high on the other half of our plates.)

My personality is as eclectic as my tastes. Although I’m a little bit soft, compassionate, simple, clean, and organized, there are other qualities that I think bear mentioning. I’m also warm and forgiving of misfortunes the way that a hardwood floor is after you drop something. It doesn’t always shatter because the floor is soft and if it leaves a dent, well, it can be sanded and fixed as good as new. Forgiven and forgotten.

(You’re making the swing go in circles now and I’m getting a little motion sick.)

I guess if I have to choose which flooring is the most like my personality, it would be…

Well, I can’t choose. I would say that I’m twenty-five percent carpet as long as the vacuum marks are all going the same way; twenty-five percent granite tile if it has a heater underneath to take off the cold bite; and fifty percent lightly colored hardwood floor with an impeccable shine.

I’m a simply complicated woman and not just any woman either. I’m a redheaded woman aging with style. How’s that for improving the attitude? I like my personality as is and am working on keeping that attitude.

Now I want to go put Pledge furniture polish on the hardwood floor and slide across it in our socks!

(You ate so much banana bread and strawberries that you were softly snoring in the swing for about twenty minutes. Now you get up to go home and we exchange hugs. “Thanks for stopping by,” I said. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”)

“If we understand ourselves,
it is much easier to
show compassion,
and tolerate
other people’s shortcomings.”

~The Redhead Riter~


Thinking about how great it is to have friends,

The Redhead Riter


Do you feel that way too?

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1 The Zany Housewife September 15, 2010 at 11:38 pm

I like the idea of hardwood floors. Low maintenance, easy to clean, fun to slide on with your fresh-out-of-the-dryer socks or tap dance after too many cups of coffee.

Did you notice I spiked the lemonade? 😉


2 Avante Garde Parenting September 16, 2010 at 1:06 am

I'm a fan of hardwood, too. Mostly for the practicality, which totally goes with my personality 🙂


3 Teresha@Marlie and Me September 16, 2010 at 6:47 am

growing up in FLA gave me an appreciation for ceramic tile. I also like hardwood. My least favorite is carpeting


4 Toyin O. September 16, 2010 at 5:54 pm
5 Anonymous September 16, 2010 at 9:41 pm

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exactly the same in the past? Keep up the great work!


6 Karyn Climans September 17, 2010 at 11:48 pm

Hardwood flooring … you can't beat it when it comes to adding warmth to a home. And don't forget the fireplace with a roaring fire … and a good bottle of red wine!!!


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