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Tell The Truth Thursday

Welcome to “Tell The Truth Thursday” where the question that has been posted in my right side bar gets answered by me and you…and sometimes my husband too! Did you prepare your post and are you ready to drop your URL into the McLinky so that we all can follow? Grab the thumb above linking it back to this blog posting and let’s get started…

The question this week is:

    If you were the opposite sex for one day, what would you look like and what would you do?

This is definitely one of those questions that you know won’t ever come true, but is rather fun to mull over for a brief time in order to get a different perspective on life and other people.

If I were to wake up a man one day, I would run through the house screaming in terror!

No wait!

This is by choice. Let me start over…

Being a man for a day would be quite an experience. To begin, I would look like a muscular surfer dude – bronze tanned skin, slightly bulging muscles, longish blond hair, big ocean blue eyes with flecks of sky blue mixed in them and bright white, perfectly straight teeth.

Getting up in the morning, I would admire my envious physique then take a hot shower. Upon getting out, I would take no heed to any water that dripped on the floor or on the carpet as I walked through the house getting dressed in my nicely starched shirt, business suit, tie and shiny shoes. Of course, my wife would have ensured that my clothes and breakfast were ready.

For the first half of the day, I would attend meetings where I immediately was valued because I am, of course, a man. I could talk about golf and football completely ignoring the women in the room because I am a man and the women just have to accept this part of the meeting. Boys will be boys!

Taking half the day off from my job and clad in bathing trunks, I would head to the beach to bask in the bright sun to deepen my already bronze skin. Relishing the splashing waves, I would appreciate the freedom of not having breasts that were being gawked at by every man on the beach. Of course, I also would not be worried about my breasts being either too small, too large, uneven, saggy, perky, too much showing, not enough showing like I’m ashamed of them, or any of the other million thoughts that normally run through my mind as I venture half naked in the eyesight of the public staring eyes.

After a short nap, enhanced by the drowsiness caused from enjoying the heat of the sun, I would head home to once again shower and enjoy looking at my well defined body leaving a huge mess in the bathroom because I am a man and cleaning is a woman’s job. My wife and I would dine out so that I could enjoy being doted on by the waitress instead of the usual total lack of consideration paid to me when my food is not cooked, too cold or my glass remains empty most of the meal. Instead, I would enjoy all the attentiveness of the waitress and all the staff because I am the man and they assume I am paying the bill.

Driving home after the long and exciting day, I would aggressively wind in and out of traffic and everyone would expect this behavior. No one, except women, would call me four letter names.

Slipping into the clean sheets of my very comfortable bed that night, I would recall the pleasures of the day and then….

I would be thankful for:

  • being able to paint my nails any color and it be acceptable
  • the extra belly fat caused by giving birth to my child and the wondrous moment when she left my body and entered the world
  • the ability to keep the house clean, raise a child and work at a job
  • having enough compassion to cry when I see a homeless person begging on the street
  • knowing that although my wrinkles and graying hair are not considered “distinguished” by the masses, they are my awards for serving and loving my family and friends
  • the wondrous smells that escape my kitchen day after day and year after year because the meals I prepare improve all the time and have fed those I love throughout my life
  • having a multi-tasking mind and complicated personality that enables me to wear high heels with a dress in the morning, boots with jeans and a flannel shirt in the afternoon and a lace teddy in the evening
  • the capacity to enjoy little things like thimbles, saved lockets of hair, the smell of powder that permeates the air around grandmotherly women, ladybugs, seeing the first steps and hearing the first words my child uttered, lace hankies and baby lambs
  • recognition for my dedicated, loyal and conscientious efforts and successes in my career because I had to work twice as hard as a man for anyone to notice
  • glow-in-the-dark skin with only freckles to break the monotony
  • PMS, hormones and menopause because they remind me that I am a delicate woman who with God had the opportunity to create life and nourish her with my body after birth
  • household appliances that lessen the time required to complete my responsibilities and enable me to have spare time to myself which I often fill with helping other people
  • knowing that I am a daughter of God that loves me and I’m wonderful just the way I am

Yes, being a man for the day was marvelous, but I’m very thankful to be….

a daughter,

a sister,

a mother,

a niece,

an aunt,

a grand daughter,

a wife and

a woman.

woman on beach

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1 viewfromdownhere June 10, 2010 at 11:27 am

I'm not sure I'd ever want to be a man…but I am curious about the whole peeing standing up thing…but that's about it. Otherwise, I much much prefer being a woman 🙂


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