Non-Retaliatory “Reformed” Road Rage Redhead

by Sherry Riter in Lessons of Life

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I think I have become old enough that my own mortality seems to be glaring me in the face. I see everything differently meaning that I can see the danger and the foolishness in many situations based on the fact that

    “Life is short, but we can make it even shorter – NEEDLESSLY.”

Driving is one of those areas that can get my blood boiling with anger. Not because I drive badly, but because the people around me put my life as well as their own in danger. I think this has become more of a sore spot with me now because my daughter is driving and other drivers do not act defensively nor do they give her a break for her lack of experience. There is no way for a sixteen year old to have the wisdom of a driver who has been driving for thirty plus years. That is just common sense.

This is really sad…

The third little video in this string is terrifying to me…

What can we do to make a difference?

That is easy…


Drive like your life depends on it because it does!

I found an excellent site called “Seventy Rules of Defensive Driving.”

My husband didn’t believe me at first, but after driving with me for many years, he agrees that I am a magnet for a “bad driver looking for an accident to happen” and that it is not my fault. This is the reality whether I am driving for two hours or just a brief ten minutes.

If there is a bad driver and I am on the same road, we are going to undoubtedly crash unless I do something to prevent it.

Why don’t we take this morning as an example? I’m driving down the highway, going the speed limit, totally paying attention and I even had the radio off so it was quiet. For some strange reason there are only two cars in the immediate area – me and an SUV. The SUV is in the left lane a little bit behind me.

Can you picture this?

The SUV moves beside me and then decides FOR NO APPARENT REASON that he wants to be in my lane NOW. The SUV starts coming over in my lane IMMEDIATELY and I have to swerve DRAMATICALLY to avoid being hit.

I honk.

He looks over at me and FLIPS ME OFF!

Then he must have floored it and started driving 100 mph because he disappeared pretty fast.

Don’t forget…

During this whole scenario, we were the ONLY two vehicles on the road and had been for several minutes. Why did he have to get into the middle lane right then in the only spot that was occupied by a car which just so happens to have me in it??!!

Being the non-retaliatory “reformed” road rage redhead, I do nothing, but I think about it!

Knowing that this type of incident is going to happen every time I am in the car really has decreased my desire to drive. It isn’t fun any more. Actually it is sometimes terrifying.

Having to quickly pull off the road into the grass and gravel or slam on brakes so hard that it takes my breath away are usually two things that happen daily. Do you see why the fun is gone?

Why does this happen?

I think several reasons:

  • cell phone usage while driving
  • bad and selfish attitude is prevalent in drivers today
  • trying to do too many things at one time while driving
  • defensive driving is “boring” and therefore not practiced enough

I would prefer to die in my sleep, but I am sure I do not want to die in a car crash because someone else is being careless. That would be such a waste!!!!! I only hope that if you read this posting, you will think defensively while you are driving. I hope that you will put away old selfish habits knowing that you might be saving your life or someone else’s around you.

Courtesy while driving goes a long way.

Getting to your destination four minutes and forty-two seconds faster isn’t worth it.

Maybe I should just buy a helicopter.

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1 Equidae June 20, 2009 at 1:15 pm

i never liked driving and never wsill…in fact whenever possible i avoid it


2 MA Fat Woman June 21, 2009 at 2:08 am

I've always wanted to fly a helicopter.


3 The Aud Author, Audrey June 26, 2009 at 5:24 am

Okay sis, this is where you and I differ. I drive OFFensively in the sense that if some jerk off does to me what that SUV did to you I would retaliate in EVERY way possible. Yes, I know, one day some dumb azz is going to shoot me but at least I'll feel better for having said my piece (yelled and cursed), flipped him off a 1000 times and possbibly done some damage to his car! Can you tell I'm pissed after having just read your post? I guess it comes from too many years driving in Dallas/Fort Worth rush hour traffic. My motto: GET IN, SIT DOWN, SHUT UP AND HANG ON!


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