Ticking Clock Hands

by Sherry Riter in Brittany,Time

young Brittany all dressed up

I found these three pictures when I was flipping through my photo albums. Brittany is grown up and in her twenties now, but she was such a beautiful little girl! Her massive red hair was so thick and her porcelain skin so fair. She looked like a doll!

Our visits to the library consisted of maxing out both our library cards with books for her to read. She is a brain, however, she has never acted all that enthused about her intelligence. When you miss one question on the SAT tests in high school I believe that puts you in the category of “brain.”

Remember when the GIANT lego building blocks were introduced into the market? I love legos! I couldn’t get to the store fast enough to buy some BIG blocks. I ended up buying a whole cart full at Toys-R-Us. The cashier asked, “Are you opening a day care?” I guess I did go a little overboard, but I wanted her to be able to build a house that we both could sit in and play. Needless to say, we bought enough and we spent many hours sitting inside our lego house.

I miss those days filled with pudding, ice pops, running through the sprinkler, cutting her tiny fingernails and playing together. Is there a machine that can send her back in time so that she will become a child again?

The minutes just keep on passing and seem to go by quicker every day.

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