Like A Fine Wine

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If I tell anyone my height, I don’t say I’m 5’8″. I am more specific…I’m 5’8½” tall! That isn’t the same with age, but today has finally arrived and I can tell everyone that Tom is eleven years older than me. That’s right, it is his birthday and we celebrated all day.

Alyssa and I started the day off singing “Happy Birthday” while he was still in the bed. Needless to say, Tom was quite surprised with the balloon, gift and the birthday bucket full of funny party toys and candy.

view 1 Tom's birthday

I’m sure his favorite item in the bucket was the “Old Fart Pen” and that was because it was equipped with sound effects. Since Tom is really only seventeen at heart, it was a perfect choice.

view 2 Thom's birthday

We all had a nice morning together, then Tom and Alyssa visited the park downtown to take birthday pictures. Alyssa is a natural at photography and takes the most amazing shots. I knew they would have a great time and I would reap the rewards of beautiful photos of them both. I had to remain home because I am sewing a dress for Alyssa’s prom next weekend.

piece of prom dress with interfacing

As you can tell, I’ve already had to pick out a few seams because I want it to fit her perfectly and I don’t want to make a mistake that I don’t have time to fix! That would be akin to waking up from that dream where you remember being naked at school. I hated those dreams!

Anyway, the park excursion was spectacular and Alyssa returned with 132 pictures!

view 1 Tom on his birthday

view 1 Alyssa on Tom's birthday

view 2 Tom on his birthday

view 2 Alyssa on Tom's birthday

The mischievous spirit in the birthday boy continued apparently throughout the park. I think the funniest involved a cluster of bamboo trees.

A father and son were admiring the bamboo trees, talking and laughing. From a short distance away, Tom watched. After a few minutes, the father reached up and broke off a piece of bamboo that had pretty leaves on the top. Tom walked directly to the man and said, “Sir, I’m undercover and that is going to cost you $2500.00.”

The father was startled and with some panic said, “What do you mean?”

Still solemn, Tom said, “You broke that new bamboo shoot, right?”

“Uh, uh” the father said while struggling to replace the tender shoot of bamboo back to its original location.

Letting him off the hook, Tom smiled and said, “You realize I’m kidding?”

Still stunned, the father replied, “Oh yes” as if he did know it was a joke.

Alyssa and Tom were eager to recount their antics to me when they arrived home and we laughed at the crazy things they did all afternoon. Tom is perpetually the comedian and always working on new material. Then we enjoyed a long slideshow of pictures showing the beautiful gardens at the park and the “hams” of the family.

All in all it was a lovely day. I’m moving right along on the prom dress and the photographer and party boy are worn out and sleeping like babies. I‘m so happy with all the pictures of them today!

Each day just gets better and I think…

Like a fine wine…Tom continues to improve with age.

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