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In the wee hours of the morning, I am the only creature stirring…well, I’m supposed to be the only creature stirring, but I’m not.

I’ve always had a high metabolism and required less hours of sleep than the average person. When I was a young girl, my family hated it because I didn’t like naps and they usually fell asleep before I did and if I did at all. So often, I remember watching my mother fall into a sound sleep and then I would ever so carefully creep off the bed to go back in my room and play.

Mom had a good nap.

Fast forward about forty plus years and I still don’t like naps nor do I like sleeping. Honestly, it just feels like a huge waste of time. Lucky for me, I still do not require that much sleep. So night after night while everyone else sleeps, I sit at the computer with the music softly playing while I type, surf and think about life.

However, I’m not alone.

Bella, my daughter’s dog, refuses to go to bed unless I’ve also gone to bed. No matter how much Alyssa tries to convince Bella to stay in the bed with her, it doesn’t work. Instead, Bella comes into the room with me and sleeps at my feet.

I can hear her snore softly and often I watch her little paws run while she is lost in dreamland. If I make an unusual noise, she will wake up and look at me.


I have no idea why this little puppy wants to be out here with me, but honestly, it is comforting and I don’t feel so lonely. So even though you can’t read this post, I just want to tell you…

Thank you Bella for being my friend in the late hours of the night. You often make the darkness bright and the loneliness bearable. I guess that is why I forgive you for chewing holes in everything.

The Redhead Riter

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