Review Policy

If you are interested in sponsoring a review or giveaway on The Redhead Riter or one of my other 6 blogs, use the form below.

Review Policy

Do you have a product you would like to have reviewed?
Then you need someone who has experience with all kinds of products.
I have the experience you seek!
If you need specifics pertaining to my qualifications, please ask.

• I have the right to refuse product that I find personally objectionable.
• I will review your product within 7 days of receipt of product.
• I personally review each product.
• I will also solicit more advice from my family as to preferences.
• I will be honest and fair with testing the product sent for review.
• This review and promotion will be conducted on the internet.
• You will be sent the link to the review.
• Your product and website will be promoted in the review.
Social media applications will be used in promotion.
• The giveaway will last 2-4 weeks determined at my discretion.
• Winners will be chosen using a random number draw.
• Winner will be verified according to rules of the giveaway.
• I will notify the winner via website and email.
• Name/address of winner communicated to you for product delivery.

To obtain a quality review, I only need a few things from you…

• A non-returnable sample of the product to be reviewed.
Promotional information that I can use in my review (photos accepted also).
• Information on the delivery of the product to the giveaway winner.

So let’s get started!

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