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Hey! Welcome to The Redhead Riter blog. The stage is all yours! You are my superstar!

It is great that you want to share your thoughts and I’m looking forward to reading them. I know that it takes time and effort to type comments, so I appreciate your effort. Before you comment, let me share a little bit more about how I feel about comments.

I love your comments! No, seriously! I want to hear what you think about after you read my posts! It gets me all pumped up and I’m so excited to write more. Your comments inspire me and give me lots of ideas!

Currently I monitor comments before they are published because some people in this world can’t act like decent human beings. I’m being really nice, but you get my meaning.

The following are ways to either have your comment deleted or part of it not published:

  • Curse like a sailor
  • Spam me with stupid advertisements especially when they are in other languages. I can only speak English, Southern Belle and Texas Drawl.
  • Leave no words and just a link. Seriously, that is just so rude!
  • Leave a comment like, “Hi! Visit me at (link)”. Hello People! Do you really think that is a valuable comment? That is just a rude marketing tactic. Your comment will swiftly be deleted because you are not really being sincere. I’m big into relationships and friendships and connecting!
  • Threaten me or tell me how much you hate red hair. I’m a redhead. God gave me red hair and I don’t want to dye it blond, black or brunette. If you don’t like my hair, don’t look at the header photo or just don’t read my blog because I’m not changing it.

All other comments will easily be approved and published with great gratitude regardless of whether you use proper grammar or spell correctly.  Those things are irrelevant because I know what you mean anyway! They also don’t have to be long stories, but if you feel the need to leave one, be my guest. Write as much as you want to write because I read every comment.

Now that my blog is self-hosted, I am going to make a concerted effort to reply more often to your comments.  You inspire me and I want to get to know you better in conversations!!

I think that just about covers it.

Making a comment is as easy, peasy pumpkin cheesecake surprise! You know everything has to do with food! (smile)


The Redhead Riter