Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia is a city filled with historic locations and interesting places to visit. I am going to visit fun and exciting places in Richmond and all around so that you can too!

38th Parallel Memorial Garden US and POW MIA flags in Milford Virginia

On the corner of Rogers Clark Boulevard (Highway VA-207) and Devils 3 Jump Road (Highway VA-676) is a flagpole in the middle of a beautiful little memorial garden. The memorial, which is on Caroline High School’s property, is based on the big marker in front of the school that reads:

You are now crossing the 38th Parallel

38th Parallel Memorial sign Caroline High School in Virginia

What Is The 38th Parallel?

There is an imaginary line around the earth called the equator that divides the planet in half. The 38th parallel is a measurement of the imaginary line of latitude 38 degrees north of the Earth’s equator.

The 38th parallel is almost as famous as the equator. When World War II ended, North Korea and South Korea were divided along an imaginary line separating the communist north and the anti-communist south. So put quite simply, the 38th parallel marks the border between North Korea and South Korea.

On the other side of the world across the Pacific Ocean the 38th Parallel divides Korea, but on this side of the world it runs right through the front property of Caroline High School in Milford, Virginia.

38th Parallel Memorial Garden in Milford Virginia 2014-08

38th Parallel Memorial Garden

I visited the very peaceful 38th Parallel memorial garden on a sunny day and was quite moved. There was a very pretty plaque which reads:

“This memorial garden is dedicated to all verterans of the Korean War 1950-1953.

With this plaque and garden we salute, honor and laud, now and in years to come, the heroic men and women who served and sacrificed for our country, and for liberty and democracy, around the world.

Dedicated by the Caroline Middle School 2012-2013 History Club, as a reminder to future students to respect and remember the past.”

38th Parallel Memorial Garden plaque in Milford Virginia

At the base of the flagpole, the ground is covered by poured stones with many of them imprinted with remembrances of those who fought in the Korean War.

38th Parallel Memorial Garden in Milford Virginia stones to honor those who served

38th Parallel Memorial Garden in Milford Virginia - The Forgotten War

38th Parallel Memorial Garden in Milford Virginia stone reads For Burke Walsh and his beloved Lory who missed him

There were many types of blooming flowers around the garden in the simple yet beautiful landscaping.

38th Parallel Memorial Garden bright pink flowers in Milford Virginia

There is also a sign that shows the outline of North and South Korea with the 38th Parallel separating the two. It reads:

All gave some
Some gave all.

38th Parallel Memorial Garden sign in Milford Virginia

Virginia is rich with history and there are markers all around the state identifying different memorable events. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip through beautiful country farms, lush green trees, blooming flowers, fields of crops and a gorgeous blue sky with puffy white clouds and tons of bright sunshine.

Sherry Redhead Riter at 38th Parallel Memorial Garden in Milford Virginia

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