Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia is a city filled with historic locations and interesting places to visit. I am going to visit fun and exciting places in Richmond and all around so that you can too!

Since my daughter totaled her car, I’ve become a taxi quite often while she’s been saving for a new car. It has been many years since I’ve had these wonderful opportunities, so I’m immensely enjoying spending so much more time with Alyssa.

Anyway, today we went to Williamsburg, Virginia, so that Alyssa could enjoy a one hour massage. But before she went into the spa, we decided to grab a fast bite for lunch. Finding food that we both can eat due to our food allergies is often quite a feat. Today we were lucky for two reasons:

  1. We found a restaurant that served food we both could eat.
  2. We ate with a flamingo.

Eating With A Flamingo

I’m only an observant person when I make the effort to be so. For instance, the other day I was visiting my Mom. When coming through the front door, her dining room is on the left and the living room is straight ahead. I took off my shoes, something we always do, and walked right past the dining room. I noticed nothing about the dining area.

I visited for a couple hours. That’s an important fact to this story. While sitting in the living room I could see the dining room. A couple times, I even went into the kitchen and walked right past the dining room table.

Eventually, it was time to leave so we all hugged and I started walking towards the front door. After putting my shoes back on, I glanced toward the dining room. Then I noticed that the WHOLE dining room table was covered with a HUGE sheet. I immediately knew that the reason the table was covered was because Mom was hiding Christmas presents she’s making and one of the presents she is working on is mine!

As you can tell, I am not a very observant person if it took me THAT long to notice something SO OBVIOUS.

Anyway, I told you that story so you will understand what happened today.

Alyssa picked the restaurant and we both sat down at a booth next to a window. We scanned the menu choosing food we could eat and then chatted a bit. I noticed a few things here and there about our surroundings, but it wasn’t until we had been there almost an hour before I noticed it.

“It” equals the flamingo.

Yes, you read it right…a flamingo.

By looking over Alyssa’s head towards the front doors of the restaurant, I saw a pink feathery fake flamingo. Not only did I have to walk right past it when I entered the restaurant, but I sat at the table for fifty minutes looking at and talking to Alyssa without ever noticing the flamingo.

“Would you please turn around and take a picture of the flamingo,” I asked Alyssa as I was finishing up my lunch.

“What?” she asked with her face all scrunched up in the same way she used to do it as a little girl. Then Alyssa turned around, saw the flamingo, took the picture and looked at me like I was the weirdest mother ever born.

Seriously Alyssa, you should be SO USED to my nerdy, klutzy and blogger ways by now. (wink)

Anyway, we have the moment captured forever so neither one of us will forget it. I present to you…the flamingo.

pink flamingo restaurant Eating With A Flamingo In WilliamsburgVirginia

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