Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia is a city filled with historic locations and interesting places to visit. I am going to visit fun and exciting places in Richmond and all around so that you can too!

After obtaining the “cute” stamps on our hands and with baskets in tow, we began our strawberry adventure today.

strawberry hand stamp

The sweet fragrance of the strawberry fields engulfed us as we rounded the bend. Nestled amongst the trees are beautiful, rich green leafed plants covered with bright red, juicy berries.

strawberry fields

Row after straight, clean row there were strawberries. The production method used for this strawberry field is the plasticulture system. The rows are long beds that have been fumigated and covered with plastic to prevent weeds from growing and the ground from eroding. Under the rows there is irrigation tubing and between the rows there is a whole bunch of hay.

straight rows of the strawberry fields

The little white flowers with yellow centers are all over the plants.

strawberry flower

The plants are full of fruit that is hanging and drooping. Some berries are totally ripe and red all the way through while others are still green. There isn’t much time left before “strawberry season” is over.

view 1 strawberries on plant

It is easy to see the scarlet fruit peeking from behind the green leaves.

view 2 strawberries on plant

I guess we are not cut out to be real farm girls because by the time we had picked about a box and a half of strawberries, we were both exhausted.

our picked strawberries

We are just a couple of city girls with country girl hearts!

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