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Richmond, Virginia is a city filled with historic locations and interesting places to visit. I am going to visit fun and exciting places in Richmond and all around so that you can too!

Since we moved to Virginia in 2000, my daughter and I have wanted to go to a Dallas Cowboys – Washington Redskins football game. Year after year the opportunity would come and go, but this year when the opportunity came we grabbed it!

As you may be well aware, there are all kinds of “different” terminology used in American football. For instance, “clipping” is a term used in the game. It doesn’t mean:

  • cutting your fingernails with clippers
  • what the beautician does when you sit in her chair and ask for a haircut
  • an article cut from a newspaper or magazine
  • a small piece trimmed from something like the little pieces of grass after you mow
  • the action you take to trim something like hedges
  • the reduction of a word to one of its parts like saying “ad” instead of “advertisement”

Well, what does it mean?!

In football, “clipping” is an illegal block in which a player hits an opponent from behind, typically at leg level. It is a foul that results in a 15-yard penalty. Obviously, a player doesn’t want this foul to be called against him.

Anyway, if you know at least some of the football terms and understand the game, seeing it up close and in real life is REALLY fun and exciting. If you don’t know anything about football, well, you definitely wouldn’t like going to a game in the cold and rain. Just saying!

Let me give you some highlights of the experience…


The day started out with waking early and “scrambling” to get ready by 7:30 a.m. because the Washington Redskins home stadium is the FedExField Stadium in Landover, Maryland. So I packed stuff to eat and then we were off to fight the traffic on I-95 in Alyssa’s new car.

2 washington redskins FedExField Stadium

After a couple hours, we arrived at the FedExField Stadium and people were already tailgating. Food and booze were plentiful with the fans. We stuck with the healthy food we brought and didn’t fraternize with the enemy. 😉 There were LOTS of Redskin fans and some were already drunk. That’s just crazy to me! The whole idea of getting drunk just doesn’t appeal to me at all. I act stupid enough without being drunk. Ha!

1 washington redskins red bus

3 washington redskin fans tailgating

4 washington redskins fans grilling tailgating

Tight End

Once we found our seat inside the stadium, I was able to look around in amazement. There were so many seats!!! I know…I sound like a sheltered child, but seriously, seeing that many seats was really something else.

5 dallas cowboys and washington redskins before game on field together

The Dallas Cowboys came onto the field and started exercising.

6 dallas cowboys before game getting ready to exercise

There were a whole bunch of “tight ends” on the field.

8 dallas cowboys exercising before game with washington redskins

Another thing I noticed was a camera that was suspended on wires. The camera was able to move up, down, back and forth all over the field. It had a perfect view of the action. At first I thought the camera hovered all by itself, but eventually I saw the wires. Even so, the camera amazed and intrigued me. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the camera when it moved up and down the field.

9 hanging camera capturing dallas cowboys exercising before game with washington redskins

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just call me nerdy.

Pancake Block

One of the responsibilities of being the mother of a beautiful daughter is that you have always be ready to run “pass interference” if any guy starts making unwanted persistent “pass attempts.” Of course, I’m always ready to just use a “pancake block” if necessary.

10 my sweet daughter Alyssa at  dallas cowboys vs washington redskins game


Before the game started there was all kind of action happening on the field.

The band played…

11  washington redskins band playing on field

The cheerleaders jumped around in skimpy outfits with their butt cheeks hanging out (rolling my eyes)…

12 washington redskins cheerleaders dancing to band before game

The big inflatable Redskin helmet stood ready for the football players to come through and make their grand entrance…

13 washington redskins big blowup helmet around entrance to field

Then it was time to get to business, so the Dallas Cowboys got together in a “huddle” and before I knew it, TOUCHDOWN COWBOYS right under my nose!!!!

14 dallas cowboys  getting a touchdown against washington redskins

To sweeten the score even better, they “kicked” the ball and made the “point after touchdown” without any problems.

15 dallas cowboys kicking a field goal at washington redskins game

Woohoo! The Dallas Cowboys were already winning!


Although the Washington Redskin cheerleaders were constantly in “motion” with their pom-poms, I didn’t really see the fans getting all that excited about them. I guess I’m just used to the big hoopla made over the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.

17 the crowd does not pay that much attention to the washington redskins cheerleaders

When it started getting colder and the cheerleaders put on leggings, it didn’t seem to make any difference to anyone. Well, anyone except me. I was glad that their butt cheeks weren’t hanging out anymore. Just saying!

21 washington redskin cheerleaders got cold and put on leggings

Meanwhile, the billions of seats were steadily filling up.

16 FedExField stadium holds so many people at dallas cowboys vs washington redskins game

Maybe not quite billions of seats, but lots and lots of seats in the FedExField Stadium.

19 the FedExField was packed dallas cowboys vs washington redskins game

Of course, I remained obsessed with the hovering camera on wires.

18 the hovering gliding camera dallas cowboys vs washington redskins game

It was also at this point that I became thankful for the roof over my head. Our seats were shielded from the wind and if it rained, we would stay dry. I really liked our seat location even though we were surrounded by Washington Redskin fans totally decked out in their teams colors and logo’d clothing.

20 we had cover from the rain dallas cowboys vs washington redskins game

Man-to-Man Coverage

With the ever watchful eye of the hovering camera that provided “man-to-man coverage” and caught all the important moves…

22 hovering camera sees everything dallas cowboys vs washington redskins game

And the big screens located at each end of the field, the replays were continual and really added excitement to the game.

23 replays seen on BIG screen dallas cowboys vs washington redskins game

As time wore on, it started to rain. The camera people put raincoats on their cameras…

24 cameramen put raincoats on cameras dallas cowboys vs washington redskins game

And many of the fans donned their own raincoats…

26 some fans have raincoats but most dont at dallas cowboys vs washington redskins game

There was one man who stood at the goal post the whole game. I think he was being punished kind of like a “time out” for children. That can be the only explanation of why this man had to stand at the goal post the WHOLE game and do nothing. Even when it started raining, the poor fella had to stand like a statue at the goal post. One of the craziest things I’ve ever seen!

25 man stands at goalpost during dallas cowboys vs washington redskins game

The Sideline Referee

Anyway, the Dallas Cowboys clobbered those Washington Redskins with one “touchdown” after another until the score was 44 to 17 at the end of the game.

28 44 to 17 dallas cowboys vs washington redskins game

Do you know why the Dallas Cowboys won this time? Because the “sideline referees” located in the stands in section 228 did a fantastic job “quarterbacking,” hollering and cheering!

dallas cowboys vs washington redskins - alyssa and sherry riter - 2

Yeah, we had a blast and I think we will always remember this fun experience. It was really a dream come true.

dallas cowboys vs washington redskins - alyssa and sherry riter

I sure love that sweet daughter of mine.

Have you attended a pro football game too? Do you have a favorite team?

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