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Richmond, Virginia is a city filled with historic locations and interesting places to visit. I am going to visit fun and exciting places in Richmond and all around so that you can too!

As you know, I love goats, but what do goats have to do with a brewery, butchery, pub and restaurant named the Weeping Radish?

When we pulled into the parking lot, the first thing that caught my eye was a little fenced off field that ran adjacent to the walkway leading into the Weeping Radish. I was SO THRILLED to see two goats munching away on the lush green grass and clover in the field.

tan goat eating grass Weeping Radish

One goat was a tan goat with black and white throughout his fur in no particular pattern. He had BIG horns on his head, but was just as sweet as he could be. As soon as I approached the fence, he came running over to check me out. Then he must have had an itch and decided to scratch it by rubbing up against the fence. Cute? Yes! He was such a cute goat!

brown goat eating grass Weeping Radish Outer Banks

The other goat was brown and white, but didn’t have horns. The brown goat loved eating the grass too and didn’t want to stop eating to visit me at the fence. This brown goat had SUCH long eyelashes! I was so jealous!

I took lots of pictures of the goats and stood even longer just watching them munch away. I almost forgot we were there to eat in the restaurant!

closeup brown goat eating grass Weeping Radish Outer Banks

Eventually I left the goats so that I could eat dinner.

Weeping Radish Brewery Butchery Pub Restaurant

Right inside the door there is a sign that said, “GUY ATE HERE!” meaning Guy Fieri of the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show on The Food Network channel. Since I watch that show and know all the good food that Guy Fieri features, I was really excited to try the food at the Weeping Radish.

Guy Diners Driveins Dives ate Weeping Radish Outer Banks

We were seated at the back of the restaurant, so I could see all the parts of the big open room. It really isn’t THAT big of a restaurant and with the really tall ceilings, it doesn’t feel crowded at all even when all the tables are occupied.

One of the first things I noticed was that the restaurant was really clean. That was refreshing and encouraging!

seating inside Weeping Radish Brewery Butchery Pub Restaurant

There was a bar to one side that seemed to be very open also.

inside Weeping Radish Brewery Butchery Pub Restaurant

Of course, since the Weeping Radish is also a brewery, there were big kegs of beer and…

keg Weeping Radish Outer Banks

barrels of alcoholic beverages with cool beer steins used as decorative features on the stairway.

barrel and stein Weeping Radish Outer Banks

I TOTALLY loved the ceiling. It was pine! Yes! I love knotty pine wood and couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. I think it adds warmth and a feeling of home to the restaurant.

pine ceiling Weeping Radish Brewery Butchery Pub Restaurant

I DID eat too and it was quite delicious. We had grilled chicken on top of a Caesar salad. The chicken had that great grill flavor, crisp on the outside, soft and moist on the inside.

grilled chicken on caesar salad Weeping Radish Outer Banks

We also ordered the Reuben sandwich which was as equally flavorful and eye appealing.

reuben sandwich Weeping Radish

One of the really cool things hanging on the wall was a Seasonal Availability Chart. It plotted each vegetable or fruit’s availability based on the date range it was harvested. It was a really cool chart!

planting harvesting seasonal availability chart Weeping Radish Outer Banks

I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Weeping Radish Brewery, Butchery, Pub and Restaurant. It was super fun and the food was very delicious! I highly recommend that you stop to dine at this great restaurant when you’re in the area!

Weeping Radish Brewery, Butchery, Pub and Restaurant
6810 Caratoke Hwy, Grandy, NC 27939
Phone:(252) 491-5205

Weeping Radish Brewery Butchery Pub and  Restaurant

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