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Richmond, Virginia is a city filled with historic locations and interesting places to visit. I am going to visit fun and exciting places in Richmond and all around so that you can too!

Have you ever seen a flying squirrel and if so, did you know that there are lots and lots of them in Richmond, Virginia?

Okay, maybe I am misleading you a bit with my play on words. Shocking isn’t it?

The Richmond Flying Squirrels are not little animals, they are a minor league baseball team that plays at The Diamond. They are one of the teams in the Eastern League which is the Double-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants major league club.

On Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 6:35 p.m. it was opening night, the first game at home field, for the Richmond Flying Squirrels. Guess who was sitting in section 201 row G which had a perfect view of first base?

Yep! Me!

1 flying squirrels opening night baseball ticket

We sat beside a really nice couple who have been married 32 years. Amazing! You know how I love seeing a couple who has had a marriage that lasts a long time. We hit it off great especially when I found out that she has pet goats. Imagine my luck at sitting next to such a nice couple who shares my goat love. They were so much fun that we exchanged phone numbers so that we can meet a game sometime in the future.

The stadium was all neat and tidy and we got there early enough that I had plenty of time to look around before the game started. The scoreboard can easily be seen by all. How do you like the red and black Flying Squirrels logo?

2  flying squirrels opening night scoreboard logo

The first order of business was a man who was the ninth generation of performers in his family. At first I couldn’t tell what his trick was going to be, but it didn’t take too long before I saw the wire or cord that was connected from the ground to the other side of the stadium at the top.

No way.

3 flying squirrels opening night high flying motorcycle

Yes way.

The man had the Flying Squirrel sit on a swing that was connected to the bottom of his motorcycle. The motorcycle was above the Flying Squirrel guy and was carefully balanced on the cord. After revving the engine, the two of them rode on the cord towards the top of the stadium.

“Look Ma! No hands!”

Yeah, he was nuts. Both of them were nuts.

4 flying squirrels opening night high flying motorcycle act

It got even better or more nuttier.

The two of them were spinning around and around the cord while being way up in the air. I mean waaaaaaaaaay up in the air.

I told you they were nuts.

5 flying squirrels high flying motorcycle twirling opening night

After all the motorcycle excitement, the baseball teams were announced one by one as they stepped onto the field.

I love baseball uniforms especially those that have white as the dominant color.

Baseball caps rock. I think they are so sexy. LOL Maybe I’m nuts too.

6 flying squirrels opening night baseball team

Finally it was time to play ball. If you’ve never been to a baseball game or watched one on television, let me tell you that most of the time they move very slowly.

Very slowly.

If your team is losing, the speed at which you lose is torturous.

7 flying squirrels opening night running to first base

I love to watch the pitcher throw. In slow motion their arms look like rubber! I think they clocked one of Edwin Quirarte’s throws at 96 miles per hour that night. Totally crazy! Imagine the ball hitting you while it is traveling that fast. Well, one guy didn’t have to imagine it because he was actually hit with the ball when he was up to bat.


10  flying squirrels opening night play ball

See the big “Go Nuts!” painted across the stadium?

I was going nuts because we were losing so badly!

11 GO NUTS flying squirrels opening night

Sometime during the game there was a nut race. You read that correctly. It was a race with nutty racers. The acorn mascot for the Richmond Flying Squirrels, Zinger, was at the finish line waiting for the winner to cross.

12 flying squirrel and zinger acorn nut mascot opening night

Two of the racers were the Almond Brothers.

Get it?

Almond Brothers. Allman Brothers. The Allman Brothers Band are considered the principal architects of Southern rock. The band members included brothers Duane Allman and Gregg Allman otherwise known as the Allman Brothers.

Now do you get it?!

Almond Brothers!

13 almond brothers in race flying squirrels opening night

After the race, a guy jumped through a burning hoop which was very…uneventful.

The loop was wrapped, set on fire, he jumped through it, rolled on the grass while they shot him with the fire extinguisher and it was over.

Uh huh.

14  flying squirrels opening night fire burning hoop

So even though the Richmond Flying Squirrels lost on opening night, the game ended with a nice display of fireworks.

You know, I can never see too many fireworks. Watching fireworks is an activity that both Alyssa and I have loved to do ever since she was just a little bitty girl.

15 fireworks flying squirrels opening night

Did I have fun?

The weather was perfect – not hot, not cold. The seats were good. Although we lost, it was exciting to watch the “professionals” play baseball in person with the roaring crowd. The motorcycle guy, the nutty race and the mascots made me laugh. The company was great. Well, of course I had fun!


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