Success has a different meaning to everyone. For a new mother, success might be getting a shower everyday. For a college student, success might mean graduating in three years instead of four. For a husband, success might be providing for his family. For a teen, success might be resisting the peer pressure to take drugs. Those are examples of “successes,” but each of them have something in common.

In order to be successful in your life, there are certain characteristic traits, qualities or basic ingredients that you must possess, nurture and practice daily. At first glance, the list could appear to be too easy, too vague, obvious or even trite. However, basic ingredients of a recipe or of a successful person are just that…basic.

  1. Passionate
  1. Honest
  1. Possesses Integrity
  1. Patient
  1. Confident
  1. Courageous
  1. Willing to take a risk
  1. Persevere
  1. Organized
  1. Brainstorming Thinker
  1. Humble
  1. Healthy Eater
  1. Practice Self-Care
  1. Short and Long Term Goal Setter
  1. Helpful
  1. Able to Communicate

How did you rate next to the list? Do you have the basic ingredients, but you just haven’t implemented some of them into your daily thinking and practices?

Maybe you’re missing a few ingredients. Yes? Well, is this list enough to work on today? Did you just groan in derision?

My response to that attitude would be for you to refer to the first trait on the list. It is the most basic of the basics. Without passion it is impossible to have a successful life. Your day will be spent running in circles. You may accomplish tasks, but success is different than just completing tasks.

However if you do have passion, the drive to be successful will push you a little further all the time. No matter what happens or how many times you fail, eventually you will succeed. Your successes will not only be with individual tasks, but you will live an overall successful life.

That’s a guarantee.

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