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Did you sleep well last night?


Do you know what you can do to feel better and more rested ALL THE TIME?

Take a nap every single day!

Studies have shown that a 20-90 minute nap before 4:00 p.m. is totally worth the effort!

Are you skeptical? Let me tell you some of the ways that a nap will improve your day and improve your life.

Napping Will Immediately Make You Feel Better

That drowsy, can’t keep your eyes open another second feeling will go away if you give in and take a nap. Upon waking, you will feel better because your brain will have experienced more serotonin which is the mood hormone. Just the fact that you won’t have to fight staying awake is a total plus.

Napping Takes You Away

Face it…life gets intense. People are demanding and situations are often dramatic. A nap will take you away briefly so that you can relax and regroup your emotions and thoughts. Think of yourself as a computer. Everyday it is advisable to turn off the computer and reboot, then to completely turn it off at night. Well, napping is the rebooting of the computer and night time sleeping is the time you completely shut it off for awhile. Makes sense when you think of it that way!

Napping Reduces Chances Of Gaining Weight

The chemicals that say, “I’m hungry!” are shifted and your metabolism is also altered when you take a nap everyday. So you won’t have that nagging starving to death feeling which causes you to eat too much. Napping also changes the way you metabolize food especially carbohydrates, so not only will napping reduce weight gain, it will also help you reduce the risk of diabetes.

Napping Boosts Memory

The older we get, the easier it is to forget. Napping helps you to remember long-term information easier.

Napping Increases Creativity

Taking a nap relaxes the mind which allows an increase in creativity. Whether you are about to paint or come up with an idea for a money saving opportunity, take a nap first so your mind will be more open to new ideas that are outside the box.

Napping Is A Stress Reducer

Whether you actually fall asleep or not, the physical act of laying down with the intention of taking a nap will provide you with some of the same benefits. Napping is very relaxing and will help you to feel rejuvenated instead of feeding that overwhelmed feeling that is exacerbated by being tired. Destructive chemicals produced by stress are blocked by hormones that are released while you are sleeping. This makes napping a great stress reducer.

Napping Reduces Your Need For Caffeine

Ever reach for a chocolate bar, energy drink or cup of coffee in order to stay awake in the afternoon? If you take a nap each day, you won’t need those caffeinated food items to stay awake because you will feel refreshed after sleeping.

Napping Increase Productivity

Because you won’t be tired, but instead will feel rejuvenated and more creative, your productivity will dramatically increase. Sounds like the United States should join the other countries that believe in afternoon siestas!

Napping Improves Mood

When you are tired and sleepy, you feel more agitated, cranky, aggravated, irritated and grouchy. Napping will boost your mood toward the happy end of the scale in the same way that it does a whining toddler.

Napping Helps You To Focus

Napping even for a short time helps you to be more alert and better able to focus on your tasks and thoughts. Your mind is better able to sort and compare the information you are concentrating on and then it can be logically analyzed.

Napping Improves Accuracy

A rested, alert mind that can focus easier also can perform tasks more accurately in almost everything you do. Accuracy has been known to double after napping.

Napping Improves Driving

Every year people fall asleep while driving. If you will start your trip with a nap or pull over in order to nap for twenty minutes, your driving will not only improve, but you won’t feel the overwhelming urge to close your eyes while driving.

Learn Something New

Whether it is because you can focus better on information or because you are less stressed or don’t become stressed as easily, napping will increase your ability to learn new things. Sleeping at night or napping during the day are key components to learning per research completed by Harvard.

Napping Regenerates Skin Cells

Do you want to look younger? One way to dramatically assist your body to retain a youthful glow is to take regular naps. Napping regenerates skin cells which in turn helps you to look younger.

Napping Speeds Up Motor Skills

Napping takes away the sluggish mind and body movements thus speeding up your ability to perform motor tasks such as keyboarding, mechanical operations, crafts (sewing, knitting, crocheting), sports, etc.

Napping Reduces Heart Disease

Worried about having a heart attack or stroke? Napping will help reduce your chances of both and other cardiovascular problems. According to a 2007 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, if you take a nap three times a week, non-working men are 37 percent less likely to die of heart disease. It looks even better for working men who have a 64 percent lower risk from a heart disease related death.

Napping Relieves Migraines

Being overly tired is one of the known triggers for migraines, so it makes sense that napping relieves migraines or can even lessen the occurrence of migraines.

Napping Is Normal For The Body

About twelve hours after your REM sleep, the body takes another dip into sleepiness. That’s why in the early afternoon whether you eat lunch or not, your body temperature drops slightly and you become drowsy. Napping before this happens will enable you to continue a high performance level throughout the day without feeling sluggish.

Napping Increases Sexual Appetite

When you have high blood pressure, a headache or are just plain tired and worn out, your sex drive suffers. All of these health conditions will be improved upon or eliminated if you take good naps each day which will naturally lead to an increase in your sexual desire. Plus, you’ll have more energy to satiate your sexual appetite.

Napping Improves Night Sleeping

Do you get tired of your brain talking to itself and keeping you awake? When you fall into bed are you overtired? If you nap, the brain won’t bother you all night with conversation. You will feel more relaxed and less hyper after having a nap, so night sleeping will be more peaceful. Plus, you won’t be too tired, so your chances of having insomnia are also reduced.

Napping Feels Awesome

Whether you want to publicly admit it or not, napping feels awesome. The feeling of slipping away into dreamland at that last second of being awake is one of the best moments of the day. So if you can experience that floating feeling two times, once during an afternoon nap and again at bedtime, why wouldn’t you want to take the opportunity? Plus, when you wake up from a nap, you feel like you can conquer the world again. Naps are just awesome.

I always feel guilty when I take a nap because I’m not accomplishing something or so I believed. After researching this post, I’ve discovered that during my nap I’m doing so much more than just sleeping. I’m actually improving my day, my night, my health and my longevity! Never again will I feel guilty about taking a nap and I’m actually going to start taking naps on purpose.

Do you already take naps? If not, are you going to start taking naps now that you know all the benefits of napping?

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