hamburger bean casserole Putting Positives Together

At first glance you may believe that a bowl of figs, a Dallas Cowboy/Washington Redskin football game, a loaf of grain free blueberry bread, a crocheted market bag, a bush full of red berries, a bunch of pebbles lining the bottom of Turtle’s tank, or a delicious hamburger-bean casserole have nothing in common, but…

You would be wrong.

Positive Parts

When you are happy and productive, it is easy to feel positive about life. The real test happens when nothing is going right.

It’s okay to whine, cry and complain while going through the rough patches we all eventually have to experience, but the admirable trait that makes all the difference is if you are determined to keep going until it gets better. You know the concept – persevere through the storm.

That’s just part of it.

You have to actually BELIEVE that things are going to get better.

Dallas Cowboy Washington Redskin football Putting Positives Together

Ahhhh, that’s rough sometimes. But hey, what’s the alternative? Believing that you will forever be in doom and gloom? That’s depressing and it won’t be true unless you wallow in that type of belief.

I’ve said it many times before…

If I had believed all the people, INCLUDING some therapists, that told me I would not ever be “cured” or “healed” from having PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), I would STILL be suffering!

Am I suffering with PTSD?


I was DETERMINED to rid my life of the negative parts and one of those negative things was PTSD. Like The Little Red Hen said, “And I did.”

If I can get rid of PTSD, I believe that you can get rid of the negatives that bombard your life too.

crocheted market bag Putting Positives Together

Putting Positives Together

If you put a bunch of positive things together, what do you get?

Well, you don’t get a big fat negative!

Have you ever heard the advice to surround yourself with positive people who will add happiness to your life? The more positives you have in your life in the form of people and experiences, the happier your life will be OVERALL. I’m not saying that everything in your life will be filled with happy, happy, joy, joy. Believe me, I’m not that naive…anymore.

However, it is just basic science. If you put enough positives in your life, it will be easier to have a good life.

Let me explain how a bowl of figs, a Dallas Cowboy/Washington Redskin football game, a loaf of grain free blueberry bread, a crocheted market bag, a bush full of red berries, a bunch of pebbles lining the bottom of Turtle’s tank, and a delicious hamburger-bean casserole all have something in common.

Have you already figured it out?

bowl of figs Putting Positives Together

I’ll help you a little…

    A bowl of figs – Figs are a fruit that have been around for a long time. The fig bush has long deeply lobed leaves that bears green skinned fruit which ripens to purple or brown. Figs have a sweet, chewy flesh with crunchy seeds.

    Dallas Cowboy/Washington Redskin football game – A football game has two teams that throw a ball back and forth to each other, goal posts, a marked playing field, referees, time clock, scoreboard, and usually a very excited crowd of people.

    Loaf of grain free blueberry bread – Mmmmmm, yummy. Grain free bread has some of the same basic ingredients as regular blueberry bread: fresh blueberries, eggs, sugar or honey, lemon zest, and flour of some kind.

    Crocheted market bag – First, you need to know how to crochet before you can read the crochet pattern and then use the needle and yarn to create the crocheted market bag.

    red berry bush Putting Positives Together

    Bush full of red berries – The red berries on the bushes in the back of my home are not the kind people eat, but they sure are pretty. The bush has lots and lots of green leaves attached to woody branches.

    Bunch of pebbles lining the bottom of Turtle’s tank – I love to put the larger sized pebbles at the bottom of Turtle’s tank. You can buy pebbles all the same color, but I love the natural assorted colored pebbles. The pebbles are so smooth and pretty in a thin layer in his tank.

    Delicious hamburger-bean casserole – Beans, hamburger, spices and a thick tomato sauce make a really delicious casserole.

Now do you know what all those things have in common?

grain free blueberry bread Putting Positives Together

First, there are many parts working together to create the whole. More importantly, all the “parts” are “positive” and when put together create a better end product.


If you cultivate positive traits in yourself while keeping a positive attitude filled with the belief that your life CAN and WILL be happy, THEN your life WILL be happy! It takes putting all the positives together in order to create the positive end result.

Sounds simple, but if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, I’m living proof that it is not an easy task. The only easy thing is giving up, but if you give up, there is no hope for life to change.

YOUR life CAN change, but first YOU must change your attitude and/or actions.

I don’t believe ANY change is impossible. You must want the change to take place as much as you want to take another breath of oxygen. When you want it that badly, YOU will make the change happen.

round large pebbles Putting Positives Together

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