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Often the words other people say or the things you read will cause you to feel a certain way – motivated, inspired, humbled, thankful, guilty, loving, etc. Today I wasn’t going to write a post, but after reading a Facebook comment this morning from a faithful commenter, I changed my mind.

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I’m going to confess.

I’ve Been A Bad Girl

A bold confession is always easiest if you just blurt it out, so I’ve been a bad girl.

Now I will clarify because I don’t want your mind running amock with visions of me robbing a bank or kidnapping the President of the United States.

The other day I was cleaning my home and thinking. I do some of my best thinking while I clean. Anyway, a few days prior to my cleaning, I got a piece of used furniture that I’m going to refinish and put in the living room. It’s really pretty with lots of scrolly engravings. Mom said it was “old,” so my sister looked it up and said it dated back to the 1950’s. Before I refinish it, I’ll find out exactly how old it is and let you all know the date.

Anyway, I have a HEAVY end table next to my recliner and it holds the CD player, VCR (yes, I still have one), DVD player, stereo console, and a billion wires that connect all those pieces of equipment together. In my excitement at refinishing my great new furniture find, I decided to move the HEAVY end table to make room for the refinished furniture when I’m done. Of course, I am a super woman, so I figured I could move it alone.

Since I still had my mother’s furniture sliders that you put under the furniture and then slide the furniture, moving it was going to be a breeze. My 71 year old mother always says, “I moved my hutch with one finger,” so surely I could move this end table. (rolling my eyes clear to the back of my head at my mother’s statement)

After finally getting the sliders UNDER the corners of the end table, I started pushing and pulling. It wasn’t THAT hard, but it still was pretty darn heavy. This end table is solid wood, so it really isn’t a rinky dinky piece of furniture. Finally I pushed and pulled enough to get it to a new resting spot by the front door and dining room.

No, I didn’t take the equipment out of the end table so it was even heavier, but not that much heavier.

After I put the chandelier lamp and a few knick knacks on top, I arranged the stereo speakers beside it facing the living room. All in all I was quite satisfied with my accomplishment. I had moved the furniture ALL BY MYSELF!

I finished cleaning the rest of my home with great satisfaction.

Now I need to pause that story and remind you of a couple things. Remember how thrilled I was when I became EXTREMELY healthy after I quit eating grain? All my health problems just seemed to disappear? Well, all that is still true, but that didn’t mean I got rid of a disease. I have arthritis and going grain free helped TREMENDOUSLY with keeping the inflammation at bay. For over two years, I really have not been bothered by arthritis because I eat a low inflammation, grain free diet AND I am kind to my bones.

Back to the present.

Moving HEAVY furniture is not considered being kind to the bones in my hands.

Did you wonder why I missed a few days of posts and when I did post, it was at odd times? Or maybe you noticed my Facebook posts had been far less than they have been?

The reason I have been a bit scarce on the Internet is because I’ve been a bad girl. Moving that piece of furniture was bad for my hands. The furniture was too heavy for me to be pushing and pulling with my hands, so I woke up the next morning in pain. My hands have been very swollen and hurting because I made the arthritis flare.

For a few days I couldn’t hardly move them without wanting to cry. I have found that supporting and immobilizing some of the movements helps a lot, so I have been wearing braces on my both my hands.

2015-03-31 hand brace A Good Girl Or A Bad Girl

These stiff braces wrap around my wrists and hands tight enough to prevent me from moving my joints all over the place which in turn helps the inflammation to calm down. I even sleep in them so that I won’t bend my wrists during the night.

This morning I woke up and my hands were not throbbing. THAT is progression.

So yes, I’ve been a bad girl, but I’m now being a good girl.

I’m Now A Good Girl

After this whole experience of limited hand use and pain, I have whole-heartedly decided to never move furniture ALONE again. Actually, I have no inclination to ever move furniture again at all or to lift heavy boxes.

Oh, I left that part out. After I moved the heavy furniture, I moved and lifted about ten HEAVY boxes from floor level to a place all the way above my head. I know…STUPID.

So there will be no more furniture or box moving in my future.

Having this happen to me has given me time to get my activities more organized and watch a few movies on television since typing incessantly was out of the question.

I have a lot of great things going on right now. My online store is shaping up nicely. It’s still not ready to launch, but I’m getting excited about it as I narrow down exactly what I will be offering. I also have other products to offer you that will improve your health and you could get them for free, but I will tell you about that soon. Let’s just say, you’re not going to have to hear me say that “I wish I could lose weight” or that “I feel fat anymore.” The fat I think I have does not even compare to the weight that other people have lost. Their before and after pictures still astonish me. As you well know, obesity is a health killer and being trim gives you TONS more energy.

Right now that’s enough about things I’m not telling you or showing you yet.

Today, since my hands are in better working order, I am going to try to finish the gift I am making for my daughter for Easter so that I can mail it tomorrow.

Although I was a bad girl, I have learned my lesson well and I will be a good girl going forward. A good girl as far as the furniture moving thing. I don’t promise to be a good girl with everything else. Well, unless I say I am going to be a GOOD girl. (wink)

I hope my mother and daughter ignore that last sentence. LOL

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