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I always said, “Yoga is not for me. I don’t want to even try it because I’m not THAT limber or coordinated.”

Shall I eat crow now?

I read a 465 page yoga book called “Just Do Yoga, The Complete Yoga Guide To The Best Yoga Poses For Total Mind And Body Bliss” by Julie Schoen and it has changed my opinion forever.

Just Do Yoga, The Complete Yoga Guide To The Best Yoga Poses For Total Mind And Body Bliss by Julie Schoen

Why? How?

The title is the answer to both of those question. This book is THE COMPLETE GUIDE.There are a billion photographs showing each pose with the common name and official name AND it includes the explanation of how to perform the pose. There is a picture and explanation for EVERY pose! There’s not really a billion photographs, but this book is jammed packed with information and photographs to illustrate the instructions.

Yoga is not a new fad. It has been around for thousands of years. It is an “exercise” of sorts, but for some people it also becomes a spiritual belief. I’m the exercise and meditation yoga, but not the worshipping yoga.

high lunge variation Yoga For A Flat Tummy Julie Schoen

The main sections of “Just Do Yoga, The Complete Yoga Guide To The Best Yoga Poses For Total Mind And Body Bliss” are:

  • Good Day Yoga
  • Good Night Yoga
  • Flat Tummy Yoga
  • Happy Back Yoga
  • Stress Less Yoga
  • Super Immunity Yoga
  • At Office Yoga
  • Get Fit Yoga Poses

Obviously the section titles are self-explanatory. Can you guess which section was my favorite?

If you guessed, Flat Tummy Yoga you’re wrong!

I actually CAN’T pick a favorite because I was able to relate to and use every one of them. I know! Shocking, but the WHOLE book just rocks with great information.

For instance, on page 51 in the Good Day section it states:

“Doing yoga in the morning also gives you energy, which can seem counter intuitive to people that believe sleeping more will leave you feeling more energized later in the day. The truth is that by moving first thing in the morning and using energy actually allows you to get more energy as the day goes by.”

On the next page the question is asked, “If I am running late, what are some poses I can do quickly before heading out the door?” The answer is AWESOME and totally inspired me. It is NOT necessary to spend hours a day doing yoga in order to help your body!

In the Good Night Yoga section on page 65 it states the reason why people have insomnia or feel tired even though they slept all night:

“Modern technology has reshaped the way we live our lives. And although we enjoy the many benefits of being constantly connected to the world and our loved ones, it is taking a toll on our health and, more poignantly, on our ability to sleep.”

It goes on to state on the next page:

“Unfortunately for us, the increased amount of stimulation in our lives, which far exceeds that of our ancestors, means that we are constantly left with our sympathetic nervous system turned on – our bodies constantly feeling as if they are in danger because of stress, but without an outlet for that stress to escape.”

Another great thing I learned when reading about yoga at bedtime is that it can actually be performed IN THE BED. Yeah! Yoga is GREAT for people who have minds that won’t shut up. Insomnia caused by an overactive mind is a major problem. The book also talked about the importance of having a routine at bedtime to increase the effectiveness of the yoga and your ability to fall into a restful night’s sleep.

upward facing dog Yoga For A Flat Tummy Julie Schoen

In the Flat Tummy Yoga section, I learned that a strong back is required in order to have a strengthened and sculpted stomach.

This part of the book also answered questions such as, “Should I keep doing crunches?” and “Most core strengthening exercises hurt my back – What should I do?” The answers really put the whole yoga concept into focus because the questions were applicable to real life.

I really devoured the Flat Tummy Yoga section.

I also did the same thing to the Stress Less Yoga section.

“Stress is a silent killer.

In a study conducted at VU University Medical Center in The Netherlands, researchers discovered that people who are stressed have a five times greater risk to die from a heart-related issue….related to cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

One of the major benefits of yoga is that it teaches people to breathe, which is crucial for combating the negative effects of stress. When the body is stressed emotionally it becomes physically stressed as well. By learning how to control the breath, to focus your attention internally instead of externally, you can stop stress in its tracks, keeping your heart, body, mind, and spirit healthy and happy.”

Do you know where the two most common places that stress sticks?

The hips and shoulders!

extended side angle pose Yoga For A Flat Tummy Julie Schoen

By the time I got to page 271, I had been wondering for quite some time how I was supposed to be able to keep this peaceful calm throughout my day if I did yoga first thing in the morning. The answer was so logical.

“Although it is impossible to stay totally calm and stress-free in our modern lives, you can start to imprint your brain with ‘Yoga Calm’ so that it is easier to bounce back after getting stressed.

And while shifting your attention to your breath is always a surefire way to combat stress, just simply practicing yoga on a regular basis will help you stress less without even thinking about it! Studies have shown that yoga has the tremendous ability to soothe the vagus nerve, which is a major determining factor in our emotional health. The more you practice yoga, the more you strengthen this nerve, and the easier it will be to get back in balance throughout your day.”

See how much sense that explanation made?

Another section of the book is dedicated to improving your immunity. Since illnesses begin because of a weakening in the immune system in one form or another, this section is very important to your overall health and longevity.

“Once you understand how the lymphatic system works, mainly that in order for it to function it needs to be pumped so it can drain and, most importantly, that it cannot pump itself, you begin to see how yoga can be effective in boosting immunity. Mimicking how the blood in the cardiovascular system is pumped through contraction and expansion of the veins, the movements in yoga function as a physical pump for the lymph, expanding and contracting key parts of the body to help get the fluid flowing.”

There is so much information in “Just Do Yoga, The Complete Yoga Guide To The Best Yoga Poses For Total Mind And Body Bliss” by Julie Schoen. She answered questions that I’ve had for thirty years and Julie worded it in such a way that it was easy to understand and didn’t make me feel stupid. There is no arrogance in the delivery of all this great yoga information.

This book is definitely one to buy.

Now I will tell you something funny.

My daughter, Alyssa, is the yoga guru in my family. She was all over the book when I got it, but knew I had to read it first before I let her use it. As I read the book and came across something I didn’t want to forget for future reflection or information I wanted to include in this review, I would fold the corner of the page down just a little bit.

I was about half way through reading “Just Do Yoga” when Alyssa saw the folded corners.

“What are you folding the corners for?! Don’t fold the corners!” Alyssa exclaimed.

Needless to say, I totally freaked her out. Alyssa NEVER folds down a page in a book. How dare I desecrate the pages! Well, the pages in my copy of the book are folded in the corner and I find it helpful. Alyssa is just going to have to cope with it this time. LOL

I’m going to end my review by telling you that I think EVERYONE can benefit from yoga. Of course, you should check with your doctor first, but it is an excellent way to improve your overall health. I think Julie Schoen said it best…

“Do you want to eliminate stress, lose weight, banish chronic pain and look and feel better than ever? The answer is simple: Just Do Yoga!”

Yep! I believe that philosophy now too. Invest in a copy of “Just Do Yoga, The Complete Yoga Guide To The Best Yoga Poses For Total Mind And Body Bliss” and then use it daily.

Seriously, you won’t regret the purchase. I was lucky enough to be sent a copy for free to review and I’m very appreciative that Julie did so. Her book has added such valuable knowledge to my life and I will use it constantly as I continue improving my health everyday. The great thing is that you can feel much better and improve your health too if you will just buy the book, read it from cover to cover, and incorporate yoga into your life. It’s just awesome!

Yoga For A Flat Tummy Happy Back Increased Immunity Less Stress Julie Schoen

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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