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my fat confession tw

“Fat” is the dirty word for it.

“Overweight” is the politically correct word for it.

“Obese” is the doctor’s word for it.

There is a whole list of words used to describe having a lot of extra flesh on your body. It’s the kind that makes you have a full, rounded, unusually wide or thick form. A few of the words used to describe it are:

  • big-boned
  • chunky
  • pudgy
  • potbellied
  • bulky
  • meaty
  • thick
  • plump
  • roly-poly
  • abdominous
  • weighty
  • paunchy
  • tubby
  • rotund
  • flabby
  • heavyset
  • beefy
  • chubby
  • porky
  • heavy
  • large

When you get right down to it, in my book, it is just called fat.

During the year it took the doctors to diagnose my rash and sickness as an allergy to grain, I gained weight. My body was fighting against itself and the reaction caused a quick and rapid weight gain. I also was sicker than a dog most of the time.

grain allergy red face rash and swelling

grain allergy raw eyelid rash

I always talk about my grain allergy and I even mention the weight gain, but I have never come out and said exactly how much weight I gained. I’m 5’8.5″ tall. My frame is medium. I have long arms, legs and neck. Up until that point, the only time I had ever been “fat” was when I was pregnant. Even then, I didn’t gain weight until my seventh month of pregnancy which I promptly lost one month after giving birth.

So the grain allergy weight was a combination of fat and water retention. Over that horrendous year of trying to figure out what I was allergic to, I gained one hundred pounds. Yes, I really gained that much. After the allergy was discovered and I quit eating grain, I promptly lost all one hundred pounds in a few months.

Although it didn’t leave any stretch marks, saggy skin or scarring, I remember exactly what it felt like to be that overweight. I was always tired and every movement seemed like it took so much effort.

After the weight was lost, I was still left with the extra fat that menopause had decided to pack onto my body. When I gained weight, it was evenly distributed on my whole body. I also had that little puffy stomach thing going on below my belly button. So although I lost the allergy weight, I was still left with the menopause weight.

Besides needing to lose weight, I also needed vitamin supplements. According to the BMI chart, I had an unhealthy amount of fat on my body.

Fast forward to June 2015. That’s where I’m at now…the puffy little spot below my belly button, some all over evenly distributed fat, and lack of muscle tone.

If you read my Facebook or Twitter thread, you know that I not only lost 15 pounds already, but I have found fantastic all natural supplements. I would like to lose more weight and it keeps on coming off even though I haven’t started exercising yet. It’s been a lovely way to lose weight – fat falls off and I have an abundance of energy.

I want to lose 30 more pounds because I think that’s how much fat I have stuck all over my body. By losing that much weight, I will be doing my heart a huge favor. Actually, my whole body will thank me. When I have it all lost, I will post my before and after pictures.

Anyone else want to lose weight with me? You are guaranteed to lose 8-15 pounds during the first 8 days. There’s many of my readers that have already started losing weight and they also lost between 8-15 pounds their first 8 days. Do you want to join us in this weight loss journey? If so, I will be happy to share with you how I lost the first 15 pounds and we can lose weight together. Just leave a message below, send me an email or message me on Facebook.

Today I am very thankful that I know that I am allergic to grain so that I can avoid it. I’m also very thankful for natural supplements that have given me the missing vitamins and continue to help me lose weight.

I can’t wait to lose the rest of the this fat so you can see my weight loss journey because you KNOW that I am going to shout it from the rooftops. Actually, I’m going to brag like crazy and show you pictures.

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