Therapists will tell you that depression is anger turned inward, but when you feel depressed, sometimes you just don’t care what anyone says about anything.

“Have patience with all things,
but chiefly have patience with yourself.
Do not lose courage in considering
your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them
— every day begin the task anew.”
Saint Francis de Sales

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Life is a series of phases and seasons.

Difficulties and pain will rob all your happiness if you allow them to rule your experience and cloud your judgement.

“Waste no more time arguing about
what a good man should be.
Be one.”
~ Marcus Aurelius ~

The word “integrity” comes to my mind.

It is doing the right thing when no one is watching and knowing that no one will ever know what you did.

Feeling trapped tests one’s integrity.

black and white trees sunset A Series Of Phases And Seasons

It is impossible to be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced all the time.

During the good times you should develop your strengths and make decisions while you are in a positive mindset. This is crucial because often while you’re in the middle of supreme happiness and filled with hopeful energy, something will happen that unhinges your entire existence. If you’ve prepared and have decided ahead of time, you will already know what to do and have the strength to carry it forward.

white trees sunset A Series Of Phases And Seasons

Hindsight gives you the advantage of understanding the wisdom of your life. Drawing from real integrity and using the wisdom you’ve obtained thus far in life, you will be able to have a more positive attitude. With a solid base of love, integrity and wisdom, you will be more capable of making good, sound choices while under stress.

The human experience is to meant for you to live, learn and progress while feeling happiness and being loved.

Putting what you’ve learned into action is the key to progression. If you do not use the wisdom of your past, you will stagnate. Just like a pond in the middle of a hot summer with stagnate water that attracts bugs and grows algae, your life will be a series of depressing days or days that are spent doing regrettable acts. Stagnating doesn’t mean you stand still. It means you fall backward.

trees blue sky A Series Of Phases And Seasons

There will be constant change in your life. Knowing that nothing will stay the same actually better prepares you for the next opportunity. You may not have total control of your situation, but you do have control of your actions. You may not like any of the choices, but you still get to be the one that chooses how you will act or react.

Happiness can be felt throughout the phases and seasons of life and not just at the end of the journey. If you love unselfishly, honor your integrity and use the wisdom you’ve obtained thus far in life as a guide for your path forward, not only will you regret less, but happiness will not be an elusive unattainable dream.

trees sunset A Series Of Phases And Seasons


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