Richmond Virginia interstate highway On The 9th Floor, Your Life Is Defined By Your Daily Actions

Your life is defined by your daily actions.

The cars looked like Matchbox cars from the upper floor of the building. Actually nothing looked real from that distance – trees, people, signs, light posts, the smokestack or even the road. Yet I knew that life was happening outside the window. There were people in each of those tiny vehicles driving on the highway. All of them going somewhere to do something. Who they were, where they were going or why they were going there was information I would never know.

Eventually the people in the cars would reconnect with their friends and family. Ahh yes, friends and family – the people that know the minute details of their existence. A random redheaded woman looking out the window of a building on an upper floor and did not know the details of the people in the cars.


The details of who, what, when, how and why all those people were driving the cars accounted for a part of their life. To those people, the details were important.

Throughout everyday of your life, you decide to do right or wrong. Which one you choose the most is entirely up to you. Do you choose right and good or wrong and evil?

There are quite a few daily opportunities to choose either one or the other…

    Selfishness or Unselfishness

    Greed or Charity

    Meanness or Kindness

    Being Attentive or Ignoring

    Being Amorous or Frigid

    Judgmental or Understanding

    Unsympathetic or Compassionate

    Uncaring or Interested

    Deceitful or Honest

    Discriminatory or Fair

    Devious or Honorable

    Apathetic or Passionate

    Irresponsible or Responsible

    Corrupt or Ethical

    Contemptible or Delightful

    Unfaithful or Loyal

    Aloof or Loving

So many emotions and so many ways to mess everything up.

There are BIG events that happen in your life, but most of your life is made up of all the small things that happen day after day after day. Life is filled with thousands of small choices and the consequences of those choices are either going to add happiness or sadness to your life.

Your life is defined by your daily actions.

What exactly does that phrase mean?

“Your life” and “by your daily actons” are rather self-explanatory. I think the verb in this sentence needs to be defined…

The Definition of DEFINE:

: to explain the meaning of (a word, phrase, etc.)

: to show or describe (someone or something) clearly and completely

Synonyms for DEFINE- explain, expound, interpret, elucidate, describe, clarify; give the meaning of, put into words

If we plug in the definition of “define” into the phrase, it is quite apparent that YOU determine your future by your daily actions.

Your life is “explained” by your daily actions.

Your life “describes clearly and completely” your daily actions.

Your life is “given meaning” by your daily actions.

My daily actions have most definitely shaped my life. I’m sure I would be completely different had I made different choices in my life.

What if I hadn’t gotten pregnant 22 years ago and all these years I wasn’t a mother to Alyssa?

What if I had been satisfied with my first job and never tried to improve my skills?

What if didn’t pay my bills?

What if I never put oil in my car?

What if I never took out my trash?

What if I didn’t feed the dog and turtle?

What if I never answered my phone when it rang?

What if I stopped bathing?

Is it more apparent how just changing ONE thing in my daily actions could have a dramatic difference on my life?

So let’s turn it around the other way and think about what life could be if you chose different positive actions…

What if you only ate healthy food?

What if you had never started smoking?

What if you visited the sick each week?

What if you volunteered your time and did something helpful for the elderly each week?

What if you made a point several times each day to kiss your spouse/partner longer than a sneeze?

What if you kept your house clean and clutter free?

What if a large portion of time you have spent watching television was spent instead on reading books or doing productive hobbies like crocheting or building homes for the needy?

What if you based all your decisions from a feeling of love for your fellow man and yourself?

Do you think life would be different if everyone made those kind of choices?

The only person you can change is yourself, but if we all just changed our own attitudes and actions, then the result would be the same…the world would be a better place to live and filled with much happiness.

Your life is defined by your daily actions.

Choose wisely.


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