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I have two totally EXCELLENT examples of IMPOSSIBLE.

Do you see my delicious sandwich that looks like a juicy burger on bread?

Wait! I’m grain free, so how do I have bread and why does the burger look different than regular hamburger although it still looks delicious?

When I was diagnosed as having a grain allergy, eating yummy bread seemed like an impossibility. The reason I believed it was impossible to ever eat bread again was because it is a very well known fact that bread is made from wheat flour, right?

Yes, of course bread is made from wheat flour.

grain free burger sandwich Judging The Impossible 2

But by thinking outside of the box by using other ingredients in powdered form to emulate the consistency of flour, it is possible to make bread.

The burger is also not made from meat. The sandwich consists of homemade grain free bread and a sweet potato grilled burger.

The taste of this meal?


Obviously, it is NOT impossible for a person who is allergic to grain to eat a grilled burger between two slices of bread.

“The only thing that makes something impossible is if you believe it is impossible.”
~ Sherry Riter ~

How about another example of an impossibility that will offend many people?

PTSD, which is also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, can’t be healed or cured. That’s what “people” say anyway. That’s what “people” kept telling me when I started writing about my PTSD journey.

I refused to believe those people. Instead, I insisted that there had to be a way to get rid of PTSD.

I was right.

In spite of what people say, I have been “cured” of PTSD. I am not just tolerating or coping with the symptoms of PTSD. I have gotten rid of PTSD. I’m healed.

It wasn’t a healing like you see evangelist do on television. It was my constant and steady effort to dissect the PTSD that afflicted my body and brain. By tearing apart the disorder, I learned how to put myself back together or in other words, “heal” and “cure” the PTSD.

Cure PTSD? That’s impossible people say!

People are wrong. It is completely possible to cure PTSD.

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible then they seem improbable and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”
~ Christopher Reeve ~

You may be looking at some aspect of your life and thinking that the “fix” for the problem is impossible to obtain.

You’re wrong.

It is not impossible to have your circumstances be 100 percent different at any time.

You may scoff at that thought, but scoff as much as you want because that doesn’t make you right.

YOU are the key to having everything and anything in your life be different.

YOU can bring to pass the impossible.

grain free burger sandwich Judging The Impossible 1

YOUR dreams CAN become reality, but you will have to step into the darkness. It is scary, but the fear is unrealistic. Your fear is far worse than the reality of the situation. That’s just human nature.

Stop being the typical human while succumbing to the negative aspects of human nature.

Don’t judge a circumstance, relationship, person or dream as an impossibility.

The only limitation you have is the limitation of your mind and will.

Step out of your comfort zone, ignore people’s negative beliefs, and open up your world to POSSIBLE dreams that you can bring to pass if you are willing to change.

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