Pushed Against A Red Brick Wall tw

If you’ve ever felt like your back was pushed against a hard, rough and scratchy red brick wall, you know the level of fear and/or frustration that bubbles up inside you.

You’re trapped.

Your mind is flooded with panic.

You can’t run.

You’re in pain.

Chaos fills you mind.

Closing your eyes doesn’t help.

Screaming doesn’t help.

You’re angry or scared or both.

You feel lost.

Your mind starts racing.

You start to feel desperate.

A feeling of inevitable doom or gloom engulfs you.

Helplessness settles around you.

The saying, “pushed against a wall” is a very visual idiom. The feelings associated with this saying are not pleasant. When you have limited options, it is hard to think, “Oh, the sun will come out tomorrow,” and yet if you dwell on the negative circumstances of the moment, you won’t be getting your back off that horribly hard and scratchy wall any time soon.

Positive self-talk and positive thinking lead to positive actions.

In order to get your life moving and open up your options, several key elements must be present:

  1. You must be willing to think outside the box with an open mind.
  1. You must be willing to get into action.
  1. You must be open to change, even permanent change.
  1. You must believe in yourself.
  1. You must remain positive.
  1. You must be willing to let go.
  1. You must work towards obtaining peace again.

Pushed Against A Red Brick Wall

I’ve written many posts on peace because for so long I didn’t have any peace at all.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) made my life Hell, but now that it is over, I’m always so grateful for calm, quiet, silence and peace. No longer do I have to struggle with the chaos that used to be in my brain.

My body healed.

My raw emotions healed.

My thoughts healed.

My soul healed.

Now when I have a “bad” thing happen to me, I always regain composure and remember that whatever I’m currently suffering or having to face is NOTHING compared to what I’ve already been through and conquered.

You may not have experienced PTSD, but I’m sure there has been at least one time when you felt completely trapped and shoved with your back against the hard, scratchy red brick wall. Keep that moment in your head always just on the fringe, so that when you are going through the next difficult experience in your life it can surface. With the current problem and that most horrible past problem sitting side by side in your mind, compare them.

The comparison will help you to put your life into perspective. Then you will be able to say, “I’ve got this covered! I can do this! I will not let this current problem get me down! I’ve been through so much worse and I conquered!”

There isn’t a steel trapped door that you can’t bust through because you’ve already been through a door fifty times thicker.

You won’t feel so trapped if you know that the situation is only temporary. Control your mind and center your soul in peace.

Feeling trapped is just your fear and you have nothing to fear. You’ve got this licked. You can easily push back at whatever is pushing you up against that red brick wall. All you have to do is believe you can do it. Once you believe, peace will once again accompany you on the journey.


So fragile.

So strong.

So wonderful.

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