Aging With Style

Aging happens if we are lucky to live long enough for it to happen to us. It is possible to be a person that is aging with style and wisdom learned through experience gained from the hard knocks of life.

“Age should not have its face lifted,
but it should rather teach the world
to admire wrinkles as the etchings of experience
and the firm line of character.”

All About Aging…

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How are you feeling? I am feeling as youthful and energetic as a 25-year-old. Seriously! Actually, I can’t believe that I feel so good and I keep waiting for it to end. Grain was making me a whole lot sicker than I even realized. So not only has my face returned to normal, I no longer feel sick in my stomach all the time and I have tons of energy like I did when I was 25 years old, but fat is disappearing from my body like crab legs at a buffet! I’ll get Alyssa to take a picture of me after I buy a new pair of jeans because the pair I have now…umm…they are a bit loose. :D

How Can We Look And Feel Younger?

Since I’m determined to age gracefully with style, I am very attune to the messages of my body. I want to treat it well so that it will treat me just as good. Let me share 22 things that will help you feel younger…

  1. Let loose and act like a kid sometimes – water fights, swing, blow bubbles, fly a kite
  2. Lotion is a magical potion! As we get older, our skin tends to be dryer. Take the time to lotion, lotion, lotion. Not only does it feel good and help to make your skin look great, but it will prevent you from being itchy. It is so easy to apply lotion all over right after you step out of the shower.
  3. Steam your vegetables to retain more vitamins and minerals. It also helps to decrease inflammation in the body.
  4. Prepare your food so that it tastes good and is visually appealing.
  5. Take calcium supplements to aid in keeping your bones strong.
  6. Be sure to take a Vitamin C supplement because it helps to make collagen which is a protein that keeps skin firm and elastic. Also be sure to eat foods that are rich in Vitamin C such as:
    - strawberries
    - oranges
    - lemons
    - limes
    - grapefruit
    - kiwi
    - papaya
    - guava
    - melons
    - bell peppers
    - brussel sprouts
    - dark leafy greens
    - broccoli
    - tomatoes
    - cauliflower
  7. Drink lots of water all the time. Water will rehydrate and flush the toxins from your body, so drink water, water, water.
  8. Control your weight. It is much easier for your heart and knees if you remain a consistent reasonable weight.
  9. Exercise to not only help to control your weight, but also to keep the body toned. The added bonus of exercise is that endorphins will be released in your brain and you will have a natural high.
  10. You know I have to add this one to the list…Stop smoking. Since my great grandfather died of emphysema, I feel rather strongly about you eliminating smoking from your life.
  11. Stop drinking so much alcohol. Yeah, I said it. Drinking is not good for you. Read the text I sent to Alyssa.
  12. Avoid getting dehydrated which could lead us back to the fact that you should drink water.
  13. Sleep and take naps if you need them. It is hard work trying to grow old, so your body needs rest. ;)
  14. Let go of being a control freak or a freak-a-maniac. You don’t have extra energy to worry about every little thing, so let go of all the anxiety to boost your energy level.
  15. Focus on the positive and don’t let negatives suck you into their grip. A bright, happy and positive attitude will give you more energy and thus, make you feel younger.
  16. Let the past remain in the past. You can’t change it, so keep on moving forward.
  17. Don’t let guilt drag you down. If you have guilty baggage, apologize to everyone and then let it go. Life is too short to keep beating yourself up over things that are over and done.
  18. Stop thinking like you’re old or ancient. You can think yourself into feeling younger, so do a little self-talk.
  19. Learn how to do something new to broaden your talents and view. It will also invigorate your brain.
  20. Make new friends for the same reasons that you need to learn how to do new things.
  21. Laugh and smile often every day. Not only will you look prettier/more handsome, but the endorphins have a party in your body. It makes you feel good when you laugh and smile.
  22. Eliminate grain from your diet. I had to add that one in because not only do I feel better without any in my diet, but because grain causes inflammation and that is not good!

Being proactive with aging can help restore or maintain that zest for life we felt when we were in our twenties. I should know because I’ve traveled back in time. I’m only 25 years old now. How about joining me?



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