Aging With Style

Aging happens if we are lucky to live long enough for it to happen to us. It is possible to be a person that is aging with style and wisdom learned through experience gained from the hard knocks of life.

“Age should not have its face lifted,
but it should rather teach the world
to admire wrinkles as the etchings of experience
and the firm line of character.”

All About Aging…

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What makes me such an expert on life that I would have words of wisdom to give you?


Last night I had scads and scads of nightmares which I guess set me up for today.

I accomplished nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

I ate foods I’m allergic to and did so in bulk.

I took a long nap.

I woke up depressed this morning because my nightmares were of failures I’ve made in my life and my stupidity.

Soooooooo I spent the day thinking about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

By the end of the day, I pretty much hated myself. That’s something my therapist would be telling me is “not allowed” and so while the sun was setting I took a couple hours to sit in front of the computer to read things that would add value to my life and help me to feel better about myself.

While I was thinking today, I had a few wise words that I thought I would share with you.

42 Words Of Wisdom

  1. You can only control yourself…your actions, your thoughts, your feelings.
  2. Depending on age and fat levels, 45-75 percent of the human body is water, so drink a whole bunch of water.
  3. Hating yourself doesn’t accomplish anything positive.
  4. Everyone doesn’t have to like you or approve your choices…and they won’t. Live your own life anyway.
  5. It is easy to know which people love you because their actions show it.
  6. Forgiving others whether they ask or not, is the only way to find peace.
  7. Eating healthy food makes you feel better mentally, physically, psychologically and emotionally.
  8. The hardest person to forgive is yourself.
  9. Sometimes it is too late.
  10. The most kind, patient and loving person has their limits.
  11. A person with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can heal.
  12. Breathe calmly and with purpose to clear your mind.
  13. Silence is peaceful, but sometimes it is really loud.
  14. Say “no” when it isn’t right for you and don’t feel that you have to defend yourself.
  15. If you KNOWINGLY allow someone to use you, remember YOU allowed it.
  16. Take life in small chunks – one day at a time.
  17. Promises are not meant to be broken.
  18. Meditate, take naps and sleep in late.
  19. There is always an answer to “Why?”
  20. Grieving and healing do not have time limits.
  21. Lies hurt the person lying and the person who is being told lies.
  22. It will take a long time to forgive people who ignore, betray or hurt you when you’re down, sick or kicked to the curb, but do it anyway because that is the only way you will truly heal from the pain they caused.
  23. Hear and listen when others are talking to you.
  24. Life is easier if you aren’t a slave to an addiction.
  25. Never stop learning or you will grow old.
  26. Appreciate the little things as much as you do the big things.
  27. Fear will rob your happiness and opportunities for success.
  28. Some relationships have to end so that you can find other relationships that will add more happiness to your life.
  29. Never underestimate the power of the spoken word.
  30. Suicide is never the answer.
  31. Cry because it is therapeutic and keeps you grounded.
  32. Karma exists.
  33. Spend time enjoying nature because it will keep you focused and aware of the things that are really important.
  34. Enabling someone does not help them and it really will hurt you.
  35. When someone you love dies, it will always be too early and hurt.
  36. Humans need physical touch.
  37. If you don’t want anyone to find out what you’re doing because it is wrong, don’t do it.
  38. Harsh words and unkind actions can be forgiven, but aren’t usually forgotten.
  39. Love is the most important thing to learn.
  40. Aging is a privilege.
  41. Accept that life isn’t easy or fair.
  42. The world will keep spinning, the sun will rise in the morning, and this too shall pass.

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