New Home  

I am on the quest for a new home. It will take me awhile because I want to be sure that everything I want will be incorporated into the house. Since I’m not in a big rush, I have time to research, investigate and see things first hand before implementing them into my own design. As I learn, it will all be shared with you. This will give us the opportunity to find out all the pros and cons before I take the plunge!

Exploring housing designs in search for the perfect house for me is fun. I am sure, however, that I will not have a house built that is entirely constructed with glass. When I say, “glass” I literally mean glass walls, glass doors, glass tub, glass furniture. Yeah, now do you see what I’m talking about? Well, you may not see it because the glass is clean, but I think you will understand perfectly.

Glass House Designed By Santambrogio & Arosio

According to their website, “The collection named SIMPLICITY was born from the collaboration between Carlo Santambrogio and the designer Ennio Arosio with the aim of giving ‘transparent’ shape to a precise and essential way of conceiving and living the spaces. The elements, even if strongly distinctive, do not overpower the atmosphere that surrounds them entering in perfect sybiosis with it.”

It goes on to state that, “SIMPLICITY is realized in extraclear glass by Saint Gobain, tempered and stratified, named Diamant for its characteristics of extreme purity and brilliancy. It is interpreted in a unique way with the use of important thicknesses (30 mm) and treated with special technical procedures to guarantee total security.”

Obviously, this house is not designed for a shy individual. It would definitely restrict how I eat cold, ripe mangoes during the summer.

All Glass House

Glass House Designed By Carlo Santambrogio

All Glass Bed At Water’s Edge

Glass House Glass Bed Arosio & Santambrogio

All Glass Tub

Imagine the bubbles!!! Oh my goodness! Can you also envision a whole bunch of candles flickering?

Glass Tub Designed By Carlo Santambrogio

All Glass Stairs

Yep! A broken leg would definitely be the result of me going down the all glass stairs.

Glass Stairs Designed By Carlo Santambrogio

All Glass House In The Snowy Forest

Glass House Designed Carlo Santambrogio

All Glass Dining Room

I absolutely love the all glass dining room table!

Glass House Designed Santambrogio

All Glass Stairs In The Snowy Forest

Hmmm…there’s more all glass stairs. Woo! Terrifying to a klutz like me!

Glass House Glass Stairs Santambrogio

All Glass Bed

This is definitely right up my alley! I totally love the all glass bed. Imagine the view while laying on the all glass bed in the all glass house. Not only would you be able to see through the bed and beyond the glass walls, but you could look at the entire sky through the all glass ceiling. That has to be a wondrous sight to behold.

Ooohhh! Imagine how it would look when it is snowing!!

Glass House Glass Bed Santambrogio

Their is a proverb that has been traced back to 1385 in Geoffrey Chaucer’s ‘Troilus and Criseyde’ which referred to a glass house, Then in 1651, George Herbert wrote, “Whose house is of glass, must not throw stones at another.” This popular proverb was first cited in the United States in ‘William & Mary College Quarterly’ in 1710. Basically the proverb means that people who are vulnerable should not verbally, mentally, spiritually or physically attack other people.

I would definitely say that the all glass house designed By Carlo Santambrogio & Ennio Arosio would cause most people to feel vulnerable. However, imagine if we were all that transparent with our intentions and emotions. No lies, deceit or evil would be hidden. I believe it would a very different world if we all lived in glass houses. I know it would be different for me if I could just have the tub and bed!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist! I just adore them! Do you think they would look better in a shipping container home or in a log cabin home?

I can just see me in that tub with a billion bubbles. Yeah, I totally love that tub.


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