New Home  

I am on the quest for a new home. It will take me awhile because I want to be sure that everything I want will be incorporated into the house. Since I’m not in a big rush, I have time to research, investigate and see things first hand before implementing them into my own design. As I learn, it will all be shared with you. This will give us the opportunity to find out all the pros and cons before I take the plunge!

I took some time to sort through my housing bookmarks today to help spark my imagination and dreams. Both seem to be waning.

While researching all the housing options, I’ve narrowed down my wants to a small, one story house. I would actually prefer one small house in the mountains where there is tons of snow in the winter and one small house on the beach so I could listen to the waves crash while lying in bed.

Let me show you what kind of small beach house I have in mind to build at Holden Beach, North Carolina. I have fallen in love with that beach while looking at it on and off all day through the webcam.

The Edge In Whitsand Bay, Cornwall, United Kingdom

The really cool thing I’m going to tell you about The Edge in Whitsand Bay, Cornwall, United Kingdom, is that you can rent it for a vacation. Yep! You can actually stay at this simple and beautiful beach house.

It’s time for a tour. Are you ready?


Breathe deeply. Can you smell the salty air and hear the waves crashing on the sandy beach?



Okay, you’re ready now.

Presenting the lovely beach house that I’ve fallen in love with called The Edge at Whitsand Bay, Cornwall.

We will start by looking at the view from the small beach house.

The deep blue ocean.

blue ocean beach house The Edge Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

The back of the beach house has a long deck where the ocean can be seen throughout the day.

back view The Edge Whitsand Bay, Cornwall 1

Of course, the back of the beach house has lots and lots of open windows to let in the ocean view when you’re inside and there is plenty of room to relax on the deck when you’re outside.

sunset The Edge Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

I can imagine sitting quietly at the table in the morning eating a delicious breakfast while the sun rises and the waves roll onto the beach.

ocean breakfast The Edge Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

Then at the end of the day, once again relaxing on the deck while enjoying a wonderful dinner with the ocean as a backdrop, I would be able to smell the cool, salty air as it blew my hair gently away from my face. I love that feeling.

ocean dinner The Edge Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

All the wonderful meals could easily be prepared in the clean, organized white kitchen.

Also notice the flooring.


My favorite wood is pine. Do you remember why? I love pine because it has knots.

beach house kitchen The Edge Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

The ocean view would be so inspirational for writing, sewing, crocheting or just about anything! Looking at the wide blue expanse just brings me peace. Even when big storms moved in, I could sit back and watch the ferocious waves light up under the striking lightning. The wind would blow and the waves would be so loud! It sounds so exciting, doesn’t it?!!!

beach house ocean view The Edge Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

The fresh salty air.

The gentle breeze.

The sound of the ocean waves.


beach house living room ocean view The Edge Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

Did I mention that there is a bathroom with a shower inside the beach house and a heated shower outside too? Yeah, well, there are two showers. I would love to shower under the moon and stars while listening to the ocean.

Oh my goodness that sounds so fun!

indoor outdoor shower The Edge Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

Now we get to the last room…

My favorite room…

The bedroom.

The bedroom with a view of the ocean through a small window on one side and the wide expanse of the ocean at the foot of the bed.

bedroom beach house ocean view The Edge Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

I see it now…

I stretch out totally relaxed on the bed wearing a flimsy white gauze dress. A bunch of pillows propped up behind my head make it possible to see the view of the blue ocean. With my legs extended fully in front of me showing brightly painted cherry red toenails, I sip slowly on a glass of freshly squeezed homemade lemonade. The wind softly blows the curls that have fallen in ringlets around my face as my lover enters the room…

bedroom beach house ocean The Edge Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

After a long and beautiful day, the sun begins to slowly set in vivid orange and yellows against the bright blue sky. We are both very tired as we lay wrapped in each others arms and my heavy eyelids sleepily flutter closed into a restful sleep.

ocean view sunset The Edge Whitsand Bay, Cornwall


My dream.

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