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I am on the quest for a new home. It will take me awhile because I want to be sure that everything I want will be incorporated into the house. Since I’m not in a big rush, I have time to research, investigate and see things first hand before implementing them into my own design. As I learn, it will all be shared with you. This will give us the opportunity to find out all the pros and cons before I take the plunge!

Please sit down in this big fluffy chair and let me tell you something.

Yeah, just like that…comfy?

You might want to put down the book and pay attention or you will miss my story.

Once upon a time there were two designers named Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann from the German design firm called Confused Direction.

They had a plan that definitely wasn’t confused no matter which direction you approached it.

Then they created a model of the plan.

Eventually the plan that turned into a model became a reality called Silberfisch SchwimmHausBoot which means “Floating House Boat” in German.

Living on the water is a romantic mixture of natural elements. The designers wanted to have a natural balance in the floating home, so they blended locally-sourced materials to build it and flooded it with natural light.

The Schwimmhaus is a quality designed “home” houseboat where people can live as a permanent home. This fits perfectly with the tiny house idea because the houseboat is a relatively small space.

It has been designed to either stay docked on shore or float around.

There are two terraces to help expand the space or at least the feel of the space while connecting it to the outdoors.

One terrace is covered with grass that is growing green, thick and lush.

Let’s take a look inside…

Come on! We can go inside…

First stop is one of my favorite places in any home…the kitchen. Best of all about this kitchen is that it has a huge window that looks out at the beautiful view.

I also like the “whiteness” of the houseboat. White and blue are my favorite colors, so the white houseboat on the blue water…well, it is just lovely.

Because it is built with minimal walls, the appearance is open and the rooms appear larger.

It is also worth noting that the light streams in and gives the floating houseboat a fresh, airy ambiance.

With a sustainable green design, the Schwimmhaus is an alternative to high priced real estate for a house and motorhome for traveling because the houseboat is both combined into one.

Imagine falling asleep while being gently rocked by the waves.

Don’t get too comfortable.

It’s time for our visit to be over, so everyone get off the Schwimmhaus.

It was so nice to see yet another option in my new home pursuit.

Away they float.



Come on everybody, wave!

Still haven’t heard or seen enough about Confused Direction’s Schwimmhaus?

That’s okay. I wanted to see more too, so I found a video you can watch as well. Aren’t I just something else? I not only tell you a story, but I show you a movie too!


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