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I am on the quest for a new home. It will take me awhile because I want to be sure that everything I want will be incorporated into the house. Since I’m not in a big rush, I have time to research, investigate and see things first hand before implementing them into my own design. As I learn, it will all be shared with you. This will give us the opportunity to find out all the pros and cons before I take the plunge!


Since I’ve already discussed the advantages and disadvantages of carpeting before, it won’t be a shock that I prefer anything over wall-to-wall carpets in a home. I also thought giving you the Top 10 Reasons Not To Have Carpet will help you understand exactly what happened in my home today.

Are you ready?

Here we go…

The Top 10 Reasons Not To Have Carpet

#10 Stains

No matter how diligent you are at keeping your carpet shampooed regularly, all carpets stain. Even stain proof carpet stains especially in areas where there is constant spillage or wear on the fibers.

#9 Matting and Crushing

Unless you know how to levitate, carpeting gets all matted and crushed. When the carpet is new, it looks so fluffy and welcoming, but after a bit of wear, it takes on that smooshed look. “Smooshed” is only good when we are talking about food. Ahhh…food.

#8 Color

Stuck. Yep! Once you choose a carpet color and install it, you are stuck with that color until the carpet is changed again. I don’t think most people change their carpeting every season or at whim, so I hope you like the color you choose for your wall-to-wall ocean of color.

#7 Maintenance

Although I do love the way vacuum marks look after I immediately finish vacuuming, carpets are harder to maintain on a daily basis. Even if you vacuum and shampoo regularly, small dirt particles will penetrate the weave and just la-a-a-a-a-a-ay there. Ewwwww!

#6 Wear

Everyone that enters your home needs to learn to levitate if you are going to prevent the carpet from having wear in high traffic areas. No matter how much you fuss, it will start to look worn. I don’t even wear shoes in the house and the carpet still gets worn out! Obviously I can’t levitate. Anyone want to teach me?

#5 Dirty All The Time

Just like I said in the maintenance reason, carpet is impossible to keep one hundred percent clean because dirt will accumulate under the weave and padding. You may not see it, but it is always lurking underneath.

#4 Durability

Carpeting doesn’t last as long as hardwood flooring or many other types of flooring. Some carpets can last 10 to 15 years. Depending on the carpet quality, traffic and how you maintain and care for it, the carpet could last even longer. However, it will not last as long as a nice, shiny hardwood floor.

#3 Toxic Chemicals

Since carpet is manufactured from synthetic materials, they contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals release gas for many years. When you walk into a carpet store, that smell wafting through the air is the gas/chemicals from the fibers, color/dye, fire resistant coating and stain proofing.

#2 Allergies

Carpeting equals dust. The more you walk on it, the more dust it creates. Plus, it holds onto the dust and dust mites. Yes, I said “mites” which means buggies. Ewwwww! Critters live in your carpeting! I’m telling you, I want to run through the house and rip it all up right this second and live on a concrete slab until it can be covered with something else!

Alyssa's bedroom carpet after it was cleaned

Finally, last but not least…

(Using a deep announcer type voice)

The #1 Reason Not To Have Carpeting is….Cleaning vomit out of the fibers is one of the worst jobs ever!

Yep! Today I had to clean Alyssa’s chunky, chicken vomit out of her bedroom carpet. Alyssa has the flu and one of her barfing explosions missed the trashcan. Oh yeah! It ran down her dust ruffle and splatted into the carpet fibers. In case you didn’t know, nineteen year old vomit is worse than baby vomit.

In order to clean the carpet, I had to first convince myself that I could do it. Then I wrapped my nose and mouth with fabric, filled a bucket full of very hot water with cleaner, grabbed a big rag and knelt in front of the sickening puddle.

Got the picture in your head yet?

As I leaned over the spot scrubbing with the towel, I actually tried to think of happy thoughts like:

  • I’m so glad that Alyssa still lives at home.
  • I’m so thankful that I have a beautiful daughter.
  • Children sure do grow up fast, but I have so many sweet memories.

While lost in this reverie of lovely thoughts while scrubbing the vomit spot, Bella decided she was going to try to eat the barfed up chicken chunks.

Please don’t throw up on my blog. I’m almost done.

Dogs can be so gross sometimes. Anyway, I didn’t let Bella eat anything that disgusting. Bella just sat and growled at me for moving her up on the bed where she couldn’t get to the action.

Alyssa is loaded with medication to keep her temperature under 103F/39C. I have been giving her crushed iced with Sprite and she’s had a couple slushy drinks. It has been several hours since Alyssa had to hang her head of the trashcan, but I’m not counting my chickens or chicken chunks yet.

Incubation time for this germ is about a week. Let’s see if I can muster up some good, strong, flu resistance and stay healthy. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

If I get sick, who volunteers to wait on me hand and foot if I promise not to miss the trashcan like Alyssa did today?

P.S. I hope you’re not disappointed that I didn’t take pictures of the carpet before I cleaned it.
(Said with a deadpan voice, but I’m roaring with laughter inside!)
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