Marriage – It’s not all white lace and roses

Marriage is meant to be a wonderful union of two people, but it is not always white lace and roses. What makes a great marriage? How should conflicts be handled? When should a couple call it quits? What is the proper marriage language? Is sex really that important? All these questions and real life experiences will appear in the marriage series.

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bottom surface of iron

Although I will strip for a mango, I am really a very modest and conservative dresser. However, I don’t think being naked or nude is bad which explains why I am often doing things unclothed in the privacy of my home.

For instance, if I get out of the shower and discover that I’ve forgotten my clothes, I don’t hesitate walking naked through the house to retrieve them. Many people have a problem with this naked and nude thing. I think the uncomfortableness with it is more prevalent in the older generations, but I’m not an expert on people so I’m just guessing.

Anyway, if you iron clothes while you’re naked, there are several things I want to point out because, well, I’m experienced with this sort of thing:

  • Make sure that you can’t be seen by others through the windows. Remember, if the window isn’t covered with drapes or blinds, there is always the possibility of a peeper with binoculars. Yes, it does happen.
  • Don’t lean your body on the ironing board. Think about it…you are naked and if you lean on the ironing board, you increase the chances that your skin will come in contact with the hot iron.
  • If you use bursts of steam, be sure that you don’t burst the steam while the iron is close to the edge of the ironing board. Once again, remember, naked skin and hot steam don’t bring about positive results.
  • Take your time and don’t hurry. When you are rushing, it is much easier to be careless with the hot surface of the iron as it pertains to all your naked skin.

Basically, if you iron clothes while you’re naked, you are vulnerable.

Do you have to iron naked?


There are only a few times that you HAVE to be naked.

However, (You knew there had to be a catch to this whole ironing naked/nude thing. I mean really, don’t you think it is kind of a random subject for me to be discussing? LOL) if you are going to be in a relationship with someone, you must be vulnerable. In order to have a really close relationship, you must “iron clothes while you’re naked” or in other words, make your heart completely open and vulnerable.

vul·ner·a·ble (adjective): capable of being physically or emotionally wounded

Ahhh, yes, vulnerability.

Vulnerability of the heart is like nakedness of the body.

Allowing yourself to be emotionally vulnerable is far more scary for most people than being physically naked. By the time a person reaches my age, the thought of being vulnerable enough to have a broken heart becomes less and less appealing. The truth is that in order to be in a truly loving relationship, it is mandatory that the person remain vulnerable.

So let me list some of the advantages of being vulnerable:

  • Being vulnerable in a relationship allows both people to feel trusted and safe.
  • You can be the real you instead who you think you “should” be.
  • When you are vulnerable, love can thrive.
  • You no longer have to worry about being perfect.
  • With the support of a vulnerable love, it is easier to accomplish your goals.
  • Vulnerability is the basis of compassion, empathy and sincere caring.
  • You feel peace in a relationship that allows you to flourish in your vulnerability. When you don’t have to worry that the other person is ever going to use anything against you to cause you pain, you will feel relaxed and at peace.


No way!

Maybe we should just skip talking about being vulnerable in love relationships and go back to talking about something that I’m a pro at doing…ironing naked. 😉

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