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When my daughter lived here, we kept a child proof security gate at her bedroom doorway to keep Bella, our tiny red toy poodle, out of the room. We had to do it because if Alyssa made Bella angry by going out on a date and was gone too long, Bella would go in Alyssa’s room and pee on her throw rug. Believe me, Bella knew EXACTLY what she was doing. It became VERY obvious to us that Bella knew that peeing on Alyssa’s throw rug made my daughter very angry.

A dog has got to do what a dog has got to do when it gets angry. Since Bella isn’t a biting dog, she will pee on your stuff if she gets mad at you. It’s something that I don’t forget.

That’s the back story.

This is the current story.

Bella decided that about halfway through my three way phone conversation, she would start barking…a lot. Her barking doesn’t usually bother me because first of all, Bella doesn’t bark that much and secondly, I think she looks extremely cute when she barks. Bella doesn’t just open her mouth when she barks, her front two feet leave the floor. Barking is a full body thing for my little red poodle. She’s just too funny.

So I was talking on the phone and Bella started barking. When she continued to bark, I walked into Alyssa’s bathroom. Yes, I still call it Alyssa’s bathroom and I guess it will always be her bathroom even though she doesn’t live with me anymore.

Well, walking into the bathroom wasn’t blocking out enough of Bella’s bark, so I thought I would close the door, but leave a few inches open. That way when Bella finished barking she would stick her nose in the crack and I would know it was quiet enough to go back in the living room.

So I started closing the door.

When there was about a five inch opening left, I heard *CRASH*PLOP*

For one second I had no idea what had just happened. Part of the reason it didn’t register immediately was because I was still on my three way phone call. So people were talking in one ear and the *CRASH*PLOP* was going on in the other ear.

Then the noise registered in my brain and I knew exactly what had caused it.

Earlier in the day I had gone into Alyssa’s old bedroom which is now my craft room. When I left the room, I barely wedged the security gate in the doorway. I’m just playing it safe using the security gate in case Bella decides that she is mad at me. At least she can’t get in my very clean craft room and do any damage.

Anyway, the gate was just slightly nudged in the doorway. When I closed the bathroom door, I guess the wind of the door closing was enough to make the security gate fall. That’s not a big deal except that the bathroom is at right angles to the bedroom doorway and across from a wall and column. When the gate fell, it completely prevented me from opening the bathroom door more than five inches because the gate was wedged against the wall and column.

trapped by child security gate

I was trapped.

Unless I could squish myself to be only five inches thin, I was stuck in the bathroom.

By this time Bella had stopped barking and wanted to come in the bathroom with me although she couldn’t understand why I was coaxing her through a five inch gap. She finally decided to come in the bathroom and after seeing there wasn’t some grand party or a plate of food, she wasn’t all that thrilled about being in there anymore.

red toy poodle laying down on floor bored

Actually, for a long time Bella kept standing at the door, staring at it, then she would turn her head slightly to stare at me. That part was a bit funny. I didn’t let her out because I wasn’t going to be trapped alone!

Meanwhile, the two people on the phone were still talking.

WHAT was I going to do?

When my three way phone call ended, I made a call for help, but I was going to have to wait about thirty minutes before they would get there and save me. Thirty minutes actually was an hour, but I was still EXTREMELY grateful.

During the time I was trapped, I texted a lot and talked on the phone. Thank goodness I had my phone with me when I went into the bathroom!

Everyone had lots of laughs at my funny mishap, but now Bella thinks I’m crazy for spending an hour in the bathroom because I didn’t bathe, put on makeup, fix my hair, clean or eat.

No, I don’t usually eat in the bathroom, but Bella would love for me to have food or treats no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

As of this morning I’ve only been in Alyssa’s bathroom once since the event. I’m playing it safe for awhile because I think I must have been switched at birth and Lucille Ball is really my mother.

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