I took one selfie with my cell phone during my relaxing day at Pocahontas State Park yesterday. All the green trees and lush grass was so beautiful as I relaxed on the quilt demanding my inner self to be peaceful.

“Think of all the beauty still left around you
and be happy.”
~ Anne Frank ~

Looking at the picture now, I realize that I actually do look relaxed. A stranger that knows nothing about me would never be able to guess all the trauma, allergies and overall sadness I’ve been through during the last couple years. That’s a good thing!

pocahontas state park sherry redhead riter

See the reflection of the monkey bread clouds in my sunglasses.

I think it is awesome.

Today was another calm day and I refused to let anything ruin it even when I:

  • dropped a glass jar on the top of my right foot
  • caught my right foot between the chair leg and chair lift mechanism
  • hit my front teeth on my desk

You’re probably wondering how I hit my teeth on the desk, right?

Within thirty minutes of dropping the glass jar on my foot, I caught my right foot in the chair. After I untangled my foot and realized how close I came to breaking my ankle, I started laughing at my own clumsiness. I was laughing so hard and leaned over to hold my stomach. My mouth was open laughing and my teeth hit the top of my desk.

See? That was very logical!

It didn’t destroy my peace, but I did laugh so hard that my stomach hurt.

It really is funny if you think about it.

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