I have a wonderful mom for which I am very grateful that I’m her daughter.

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for just a little while and their hearts forever. ”

~ Irish Proverb ~

Mom smiling eyes closed

Yes Mom, I am posting a picture of you with your eyes closed. There are plenty of pictures in the sidebar with your eyes open, so we all know you have beautiful, big brown eyes. What I want everyone to notice about this picture is that my mother does not look 69 years old!

Mom not only has perfect white teeth and shiny white hair, but she also has beautiful skin. I think she is a very beautiful woman and I know that I’m not being overly biased. People are always telling me, “Your mother is so beautiful.” It’s just a fact. Mom, you have to believe facts. 😀

I was trying to think of something that happened this year that would make us all smile. Well, I couldn’t pin down one story, but I thought of a couple snippets that are fun to remember.

  • I took Bella with me when I was visiting with Mom. I put a couple piddle pads over by the patio door and showed them to Bella. Well, Mom sat down in the chair next to the piddle pads and we all started talking. Eventually Bella had to go piddle and she went over to the piddle pads. Since Mom was sitting in the chair that, in Bella’s opinion was too close to her while she piddled, Bella piddled on the edge of the pad. Of course, most of the piddle went on the carpet. Uh oh! Mom’s face was…priceless.
  • Mom grew Moonflowers this year and that is all we heard about for months and months and months throughout the day and late into the night. LOL
  • Mom learned that even though she doesn’t want her picture taken and tries to hide, I will still find a way to take her picture AND I will post it on my blog. 😛
  • During the summer when Audrey and Terry went on vacation for a week, Mom volunteered to water their garden. Of course, that ended up being the hottest week of the summer. Mom got a real workout that week keeping it watered, but that wasn’t the funny part. Terry had told her to pick anything she wanted for herself, but to be careful that no snakes were hiding in the big leaves of some of the plants. I think it was cabbage, but I can’t remember for sure. Anyway, Mom was so terrified that she was going to find a snake, but wasn’t too scared because she picked them anyway! I would have just let them stay in the ground and rot before I chanced finding a snake. I guess you can tell which one of us is really the country girl.

Mom, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I’m so thankful that you are my mother and I truly appreciate your sacrifices over the years on my behalf. The older we both get, the less of an age difference we have between us. Funny how that all works out. I love you. Happy Birthday Mom!!!



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