I have a wonderful mom for which I am very grateful that I’m her daughter.

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for just a little while and their hearts forever. ”

~ Irish Proverb ~

I am writing completely unbiased.

No, seriously, I can speak about this woman completely unbiased.

This woman is phenomenally talented. She has more talent, imagination and creativity than most people can even imagine and is beyond their wildest dreams.

Who is this woman and why am I writing about her?

January 23rd is my mother’s birthday and it is one of the BIGGIES. Yeah, shhhhhh, Mom is 70 years old today! Woohoo!

What a wonderful blessing for Mom to turn 70 on her birthday, but it is also a wonderful blessing for me and the rest of the family to still have her with us.

Let me tell you something about my mother that has always been impressive to anyone that knows her or has enjoyed the fruits of her talents.

Besides being graceful, elegant and beautiful, Mom is extremely talented in making and creating things. I believe she can do anything…crochet, flower arranging, making things out of clay or porcelain, paint, build, sew, and the list goes on and on and on.

For my birthday this year, Mom crocheted large washcloths from cotton thread for my gift. She had already crocheted some dishcloths for part of my Christmas present, so I was quite thrilled to receive the washcloths for my birthday.

box of crocheted cotton facecloth 2

crocheted cotton facecloths

Mom is a perfectionist, so every stitch is exactly the same size and there are no mistakes to be found. She loves making things, but Mom really enjoys making things for the people she loves and I know that I am loved.

crocheted cotton dishcloth yellow white closeup edges

Even if she had limited talent in crocheting, I would still enjoy the washcloths as much because I know that Mom thought about me while making the gift and every stitch is filled with her love.

crocheted cotton dishcloth yellow white closeup

crocheted cotton facecloth  varigated close up

Obviously, I am quite proud of my mother and love her very much. I am really thankful that she is not only my mother, but Mom has made it quite healthily to 70 years old. Mom has been and is a blessing to her family. Mom is an all or nothing kind of person, so when she loves you, she really loves you with all that she can love. Being on the receiving end of her love is a wonderful experience.

crocheted cotton dishcloth yellow white green

Mom, thank you for not only making me these beautiful washcloths for my birthday and the beautiful dishcloths for Christmas, but most of all thank you for being my mother. In this selfish, narcissistic and disingenuous world, you are filled with unselfish love and a giving spirit. Not only did you want to become a mother, but you showered/shower your family with love and sacrificed for their well-being.

I know that you are not enjoying the aging process with all the physical aches and pains that accompany it, however, we all hope to be lucky enough to still be as vibrant as you are at seventy years old. I am very thankful to still have you in my life. Actually, I’m filled with gratitude that you have always been in my life with an abundance of love and caring.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I will call and sing to you later, but considering the awfulness of my voice, you may enjoy this better…

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Mom!
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu!

crocheted cotton facecloth blue white

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