Bella {a dog’s story}

Bella {a dog’s story} is all about the life of a cute, red, toy poodle.

“Dogs are better than human beings
because they know but do not tell.”

~Emily Dickinson~

Oh My! This Dog Gets Into Everything…

I Didn't Touch The Slippers I Feel Pretty The Plastic Devil Just Because She's Young, Don't Let Her Fool You The Redhead That Loves Me Not Head First

Not only do I sleep like a log, but so does Bella, our little red poodle.

Under the soft and worn quilt, both Bella and I often slip into a sound slumber.

red toy poodle, wedding ring quilt

Today, I didn’t have time for a nap, but the quilt sure looked inviting.

Getting closer I noticed that all I could see was the bottom half of Bella’s body sticking out from under the quilt – two hind legs, the under side of half her tummy and that was about it.

where is bella, the red toy poodle

So I peeked under the quilt.

Come out, come out, wherever you are sweet Bella.

cutest little face of bella, red toy poodle

No, I didn’t have the heart to wake up the sleeping princess dog.

Yapping at leaves, grass, rustling bushes and an occasional animal is rough work. Bella needs her beauty sleep.


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