Bella {a dog’s story}

Bella {a dog’s story} is all about the life of a cute, red, toy poodle.

“Dogs are better than human beings
because they know but do not tell.”

~Emily Dickinson~

Oh My! This Dog Gets Into Everything…

I Didn't Touch The Slippers I Feel Pretty The Plastic Devil Just Because She's Young, Don't Let Her Fool You The Redhead That Loves Me Not Head First

My cell phone can do so many things, but all I use it for is to talk to people, text and take cell phone pictures. Of course, my cell phone doesn’t take super wonderful pictures, but sometimes it is the only camera within reach when I don’t want to lose a great shot with Bella.

Everywhere I go, Bella follows and usually plops down and naps.

She will scrunch down beside me and get comfortable in the smallest of spaces. As long as we are together, Bella is happy.

red toy poodle redhead sherry riter

“A dog is the only thing on earth that
loves you more than he loves himself.”
~ Josh Billings ~

sleeping red toy poodle with redhead sherry riter

“The average dog is a nicer person”
than the average person.”
~ Andy Rooney ~

red toy poodle redhead sherry riter in chair

A movie came on television while I was writing tonight, so I stopped typing and started watching the show. Bella was already laying in my lap, but she stood up and then plopped against my chest to sleep. At first I could hear her softly breathing, but eventually tiny snoring sounds started.

As I enjoyed the movie, Bella slept, and we were keeping each other company in what would have been an otherwise lonely night. Having a dog that is peaceful and relaxed really is quite a blessing especially during those times that I feel unhappy, scared or depressed. Who would have ever believed that eight and a half pounds of a red furry dog could bring about so much happiness?

red toy poodle asleep on redhead sherry riter

“If there are no dogs in Heaven,
then when I die I want to go where they went.”
~ Will Rogers ~

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