Bella {a dog’s story}

Bella {a dog’s story} is all about the life of a cute, red, toy poodle.

“Dogs are better than human beings
because they know but do not tell.”

~Emily Dickinson~

Oh My! This Dog Gets Into Everything…

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When I was the General Manager of a hotel, I learned every position so that I could not only be better at managing my staff and their workloads, but also because I had to help get the work done too when we were extremely busy or short staffed.

Maybe it is just my nature, but my favorite job in the whole hotel is doing the laundry. There’s nothing like the accomplishment I felt when taking the laundry from a dirty pile ten feet high to full laundry carts and no dirty laundry. Being able to keep the washers and dryers full at all times while folding all the laundry takes organization and in all honesty, I’m the best laundry person that hotel has ever known. Actually, I would put my laundry skills up against anyone.

I love clean laundry…

the warmth when it comes out of the dryer…

the fresh smell…

the softness of the cloth…

the bright colors and super white whites…

It’s just all good. Me and laundry get along just fine together.

Which brings me to the laundry I now do at home. Obviously, I do not have a ten foot high pile. Actually, it takes forever to actually get a pile at all! I learned a new laundry tip the other day that I will have to share with you soon, but anyway…

When I take the laundry out of the dryer, it is usually toasty warm. I usually set the whole pile on the couch and then go back into the laundry room to close the dryer door and usually start another load. Almost EVERY time that I set warm laundry on the couch, the same thing happens.

Under the pile of clean laundry I find a surprise.

bella under pile of clean laundry

Bella also loves laundry and when it is toasty warm she burrows herself under the whole pile. Sometimes she peeks out and at other times she just hides on the bottom of the whole pile. I never sit on a pile of laundry because she might be on the bottom under all the clothes hiding!

The funniest part of all is that if I pretend not see her little eye following me around the room and say, “Bella? Where are you Bella?” she will remain totally still. She doesn’t make a sound or move anything except her eye! Bella remains quiet as a mouse and will let me search indefinitely! As long as the laundry is warm, she doesn’t budge. It’s really quite funny. Do you know how long after being removed from the dryer that laundry stays warm on the bottom of the pile?


Obviously, it took me a lot of searching before I caught onto her little laundry trick. Now when I pull laundry out of the dryer, I immediately go back to the pile on the couch. If I try to pull Bella out of the pile of laundry, she growls at me. If I let her stay, she falls sound to sleep.

Do you know what Bella reminds me of when she hides like this in the laundry?

Where’s Waldo?!

Do you remember all those Waldo books where you have to search for the Waldo?


Where’s Bella?

bella under pile of clean laundry black and white

She’s just so cute.

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