Bella {a dog’s story}

Bella {a dog’s story} is all about the life of a cute, red, toy poodle.

“Dogs are better than human beings
because they know but do not tell.”

~Emily Dickinson~

Oh My! This Dog Gets Into Everything…

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Bella Small Dog, Poodle Dog, Sweet Dog, Nurse Dog tw

Different types of dogs have different characteristics that are in their genes and don’t have to be taught.

For instance, if I asked you to name a breed of medium sized dogs that were well known for being family dogs, chances are you would give me Golden Retriever as the answer.

How about another one. Can you name a dog with a wrinkly, short-muzzled face and curled tail? Did you think of a pug dog?

Remember that old jingle on the Armour Hot Dog commercial? Part of it went like this:

Fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks.
Tough kids, sissy kids
Even kids with chicken pox

Well, the same can be said about the types of dogs that exist:

Fat dogs, skinny dogs, dogs who climb on rocks.
Tough dogs, sissy dogs,
Even dogs who eat your socks

Obviously there are all types of dogs and many of them are toy dog breeds. Since I’m basically scared of big dogs and allergic to animals when Alyssa wanted a dog we had to buy a hypoallergenic breed of dog. The best dog for people with allergies are poodles because their fur is really hair, they have extremely low dander, non-shedding, and absolutely no problems with excessive oil on their coats.

Some of the other standard traits for poodles that most people don’t realize is that they are excellent retrievers and hunting dogs. They also excel at all dog sports, are extremely intelligent, and make wonderful family dogs.

So while Alyssa was growing up, we had a white miniature toy poodle that we named Evette. Then when Alyssa was an older teenager and Evette had passed away, we got Bella, a red toy poodle.

Bella is EXTREMELY intelligent and honestly, I know she thinks she is human. Since I’m scared of big dog teeth, it is wonderful that Bella is such a small dog weighing in at a whopping four pounds! Woohoo! She sounds like one of those really dangerous dogs don’t you think? Yeah, right.

Bella is a very gentle dog. A large portion of her day is spent sleeping.

Bella Small Dog, Poodle Dog, Sweet Dog, Nurse Dog 1

While this cute little poodle sleeps, she often runs. Cracks me totally up!

Bella Small Dog, Poodle Dog, Sweet Dog, Nurse Dog 2

If Bella is awake, she always has her eye on me.

Bella Small Dog, Poodle Dog, Sweet Dog, Nurse Dog 3

Anyway, if you like me on Facebook, you already know that Wednesday I told you that I am sick with lovely sneezing, temperature and scratchy throat symptoms. I also just don’t feel like doing anything.

That’s when Bella The Nurse Dog appears.

Bella The Nurse Dog

I’m glad that Bella is a tiny dog and is able to be a lap dog. She has always been such a comfort to me when I’ve been sad, lonely or cold. Yes, Bella is like a little space heater. She’s a really cuddly dog.

When I didn’t take my normal spot in front of the computer chair, Bella started watching me like a hawk. After arranging the blinds on the windows, making sure the temperature was not too cold, adjusting the speed of the fan, laying a thick folded blanket on the couch seat cushions and fluffing my pillow, I stretched out on the couch and pulled my old quilt over me.

After I stopped all movement, Bella jumped on the couch with her bear and fell sideways so that she was against me with her head on my pillow. That’s the same routine she does at night too.

Bella Small Dog, Poodle Dog, Sweet Dog, Nurse Dog 5

Bella Small Dog, Poodle Dog, Sweet Dog, Nurse Dog 6

Anyway, it wasn’t long before I fell asleep. When I woke up, Bella was still snoozing, so I captured some priceless photos.

Bella Small Dog, Poodle Dog, Sweet Dog, Nurse Dog 7

Bella Small Dog, Poodle Dog, Sweet Dog, Nurse Dog 4

Bella sleeping Small Dog, Poodle Dog, Sweet Dog, Nurse Dog

Bella may not be able to warm chicken broth, bring me a tissue, rub my aching head, or run to the store and buy me lemons, but she is the biggest comfort any dog or human could be when I’m sick or healthy. That’s what nursing and family is all about…caring for other people.

There’s three things I know for sure about our sweet little red toy poodle:

  1. Bella makes an excellent nurse.
  2. Bella is just too adorably cute.
  3. Bella loves me!

Aaaaachoo! Yep, I better go lay back down.

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