Once upon a time there was a cute little girl named Audrey.

1 Audrey little girl blue dress

She had long, silky white blonde hair that always seemed to get caught in her gum.

2 Audrey long white blonde hair

The little girl was my best friend and at times, my only friend. Then she grew up and had her own little girl named Brittany.

3 Audrey had a baby girl

Before we knew it, Brittany grew up too.

4 Audreys baby girl grew up too

They definitely look like mother and daughter.

5 Audrey and Brittany have fun times together

Audrey also got married to a wonderful, handsome man named Terry.

6 Audrey got married to Terry

Audrey looks so much like her mother who always refers to her as “my baby girl”.

7 Audrey looks like Mom

Of course, like all the other women in the family, Audrey’s hands look like our hands.

8 Audreys hands look like mine and Moms

She still has long hair, but now it is curly and brown. I don’t think she gets gum in it all the time anymore.

9 Audrey has long naturally curly hair

Audrey has a green thumb.

10 Audrey has a green thumb

She can grow anything and her poinsettias bloom year after year. Yes, I’m jealous because I can just say, “Plant” and it will die.

11 Audreys poinsettia

Another of Audrey’s talents include cooking delicious meals.

12 Audrey is a great cook

I think part of that is because she has a sweet tooth bigger than the state of Texas.

13 Audrey has a sweet tooth

Audrey also is a great photographer.

14 Audrey loves taking pictures

She loves taking trips to places in the country.

15 Audrey loves taking trips

Audrey has lots of talents. Do you see the wine cork wreath behind her? She made it. Actually, Audrey makes lots of things and can paint a house better than anyone I’ve ever known.

16 Audrey is talented

Audrey loves snow as much as I do. One flake will make her squeal with excitement.

17 Audrey loves snow

She has a very large cat named Jasper who is bigger than my dog!

18 Audreys cat

There’s also a big dog named Maddie that runs around the house giving Audrey love.

19 Audreys dog Maddie

Audrey loves critters and critters love Audrey.

20 Audrey loves critters

Critters seem to gravitate to Audrey.

21 Audrey loves little critters

Of course, she feeds them and snaps pictures of them all.

22 Audrey loves big critters

She even loves the ugly critters!

23 Audrey loves ugly critters

Little furry critters visit Audrey.

24 Audrey feeds critters

Medium sized furry critters visit Audrey.

25 Audrey loves taking pictures of critters

Audrey visits large sculptured critters. It doesn’t matter – Audrey loves all critters.

26 Audrey even loves sculptured critters

However, there’s no critter she’s loved more than the late great Gizmo. Audrey loved Gizzy more than she loves sweets and misses him everyday.

27 Audreys favorite critter is Gizmo

Inside, Audrey is still part little girl. That’s how I often see her because she is my little sister. So on this day, I wanted to pay tribute to her because not that many years ago Audrey was born. It was one of the most wonderful days of my life.

28 Audrey on a long high bridge

I thought the best way to wish you a Happy Birthday, Audrey, was to have your best friend ever to do the honors.

29 Happy Birthday Audrey

Happy Birthday Audrey! I love you!

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